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Elena Damy Contemporary Floral Design?

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I have seen several comments in regards to her pricing, but has anyone priced anything out with her lately? The last quote I see on here was in 2006. Has anyone used her lately that I can see pics? She is actually in CA for the next 2 weeks and I am goign to meet with her as this is who I was planning on using, but I am curious how much more expensive is she (5% or 50%....) to see if she is worth it. Thanks

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I asked different quotes from different vendors including only the canopy, bridesmaid's bouquets and my bouquet. The canopy with just a small arrangement on top and the bouquets with pink and green roses for the bridesmaids and for me with roses and orchids.


Her quote was by far the most expensive one, even more than Mazarte and Flower Cart. I got a cheaper quote from Patricia, but she didn't seem reliable to me so in the end I went with Rayen that was a little bit more expensive that Patricia but better quality designs. And they won't charge me a delivery fee, so with what I'm saving I might be able to afford some centerpieces and something to float in the pool of the reception terracecheer2.gif. Her contact info is claudiamd64@hotmail.com with claudia mendez and her web page is Floreria Rayen - FlorerÃ*as en Los Cabos


I can't upload the pictures but if you get in her web page I'm going with the first canopy showed in the gallery Rayen Flower Shop - Flowers for Weddings in Cabo and with the 6th bouquet of the gallery but with pink instead.



Hope this helps

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