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Laser hair removal?

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#101 Myda77

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    Posted 06 April 2008 - 09:10 PM

    My other friend had treatment on her face this past year. I think she had 6 treatments for her upper lip. Unfortunately she told me it didn't work too well. She is thinking of going back for one more. Laser hair removal affects people in different ways, for some it works right away and others it barely works at all. I also think it depends on the power level of the laser during the treatmnt.
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    #102 Leia78

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      Posted 06 April 2008 - 09:20 PM

      I'm asian and have olice skin w/ dark hair. i had it done on my under arms (5 treatments) and I still have trace amounts of hair. I should actually go and get 1 or 2 more treatments. It sucks. The best candidate is someone who is fair/light skin w/ dark hair. errr....if it worked for me I would be the first to do my whole body!

      #103 BarefootBride

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        Posted 06 April 2008 - 09:31 PM

        UPDATE! I just got off the phone with a clinic and they said they have the machine to do it! Im so excited...and nervous! Its pricey but I hope its worth it. The other great thing is that they speak English (fluently) and there surgeons are US Board Certified! I have an appointment tomorrow! I asked if they could do a test on my skin and she said yes. Wish me luck! I really dont want to grow a beard anytime soon!

        #104 sunnydaes

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          Posted 07 April 2008 - 01:13 AM

          I did some research on Laser, which im sure all of us have. but Laser isn't permanent. it lasts for awhile and it decreases the thickness and the amount of hair but it will always come back. The only thing that is permanent is Electrolysis. I did electrolysis in one area 3 times and the hair has never grown back that was 3 years ago. I have been doing Laser now for awhile, and its always come back, every few months. I need to go back and get electrolysis but its really expensive and i have yet to find a reputable place. but just wanted to comment, b/c it sounded like a lot of people were hoping for it to never come back.
          Oh, and barefoot bride, make sure you get the numbing cream before you go because it hurts like hell!

          #105 BarefootBride

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            Posted 07 April 2008 - 02:47 AM

            Sunny! OMG! Thats freaking scary! I will get the cream no doubt! I dont mind it coming back a little if it comes back thinner. I have these thick black hairs that pop out on my chin and its soooo gross. I have seen my older sister with hers and she almost looks like she has a beard! I am so trying not to get a beard. I did read that they come back. Maybe soon there will be a way to get rid of unwanted hair for good!

            #106 rodent


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              Posted 07 April 2008 - 09:37 AM

              I did my treatments from about 2000-2003. Maybe the lasers are better now. I am an ideal candidate with light skin & very dark hair. I did both my underarms & upper lip. A few possible problems could be that I was 19 when I started. I might have been too young. Hair growth can be hormonally driven. A laser might not be effective on chin hairs because they are controled by hormones. Also, the technology was newer then & the lasers keep improving. They also didn't space out my treatments enough. After the first year they realized they had been doing it too often.

              A friend of mine went in to the same place where I had my treatments & asked if anyone had problems like me & they said no that I am a freak of nature. Geez, that's a little harsh.

              I'm still fairly happy with the results. The hair is thinner. Even though I shave everyday, atleast it lasts. I used to have underarm hair back by afternoon. I also don't have the shadow I had before even when i was clean shaven.

              #107 BarefootBride

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                Posted 08 April 2008 - 08:43 AM

                I just got back from Tokyo a few hours ago... No signs of pigment change or burning or anything!! I got two shots of laser. The doctor said to keep checking it for a week. I made an appointment on Sunday. Fingers crossed! Thanks for the support and sharing your experiences. You can never be too careful.

                #108 sunnydaes

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                  Posted 09 April 2008 - 01:35 PM

                  yay! you will love the results! how bad did it hurt!?

                  #109 monicaswave

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                    Posted 09 April 2008 - 02:02 PM

                    Originally Posted by Morgan
                    there is a special laser for people with darker skin. I know some girls who used that one because they were really tan. They told me once I was too tan for a treatment & I really can't get very tan. I had a bad laser hair removal experience. I was told I was a perfect candidate because my skin is so lite and my hair is dark. But, after 13 treatments I stopped & still have to shave.
                    Morgan, 13 treatments and still have to shave!!! WOW! I am undegoing the treatment right now and my specialist told me there is not such thing as permanent hair removal...even with laser. She said ALL treatments require some form of follow up. Do you at least have noticeably less hair

                    That would suck to go through all that and spend that much money and not get the results you wanted.

                    #110 anaderoux

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                      Posted 09 April 2008 - 03:14 PM

                      here in mexico laser is way cheaper and you pay for unlimited sesions, right now I'm on a break cause im pregnant but i'll go back after i stop breastfeeding. I paid for bikini, face, legs, abdomen, hands and feet.. I had monthly treatments for a year and after a 9 month break hair has grown back everywhere but it is lighter and lasts way longer when i shave, so Im still happy with it..

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