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Need HELP with Bridesmaid dresses

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First off.. Is it too early to be shopping for bridesmaid dresses..we are getting married Oct,17..09??


Secondly...I'm not quite sure what to do because two of my bridesmaids live out of the country. My sister (MOH) lives in Hong Kong, and another one of my bridesmaids lives in Mexico. How am I going to do fittings for themhuh.gifhuh.gif


and Third..I really like the color green. Our wedding colors are chartreuse,teal and brown. I know not that many people are fans of charteuse but I really want that to be the color for my bridesmaid dresses. I have searched high and low and have not been able to find any cute dresses in that color. I am looking for something tea length.


Any suggestionshuh.gif


Thanks girls!

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I just bought mine off the rack at Dillards. My wedding is in June, so I needed more of a summer dress, so they are on sale now.


Maybe you could find some now too, since they are starting to put the fall lines out.


They probably won't be on sale, but you would have a chance to get multiple sizes :)


David's bridal always has plenty to choose from too. They may have a measuring tool on their site for ordering online.


Good luck!!

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It's never too early to "shop" but I wouldn't commit or purchase until closer to your date..


Regarding your color choice.. if you're having a hard time finding dresses in that color it's just asking for additional stress when you try to get them for your out of country girls. (IMHO) They should be able to get measured at a shop and use those measurements for ordering their dresses, but again, wait til closer cuz people can change allot in a year.

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I thnk it is a little too early to buy anything, but since you have extenuating circumstances (3 different countries involved!), it isn't too early to start looking. But you might want to look into getting something custom made. Or just find a designer that carries the color that you want and let the girls pick a dress.

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