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Hi Everyone!

I am planning to go away to Mayan Riviera in July (I have to go in the summer because I am a teacher) and have my wedding at Azul Sensatori through Karisma. However, I am concerend about hurricanes and rain. Does anyone have any information on the weather in July?

thanks for the help!


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Meghan, that's so cool that your a teacher. I'm a teacher too!

Ummm.. yeah, that's one of the reason's why I'm having my wedding during my

SPRING BREAK. Have you considered possibly having your wedding during one of your breaks from work? I remember wanting to go during June or July too, but I was too scared to take the risk. Not that you can't have a beautiful wedding during these months, cause I know many brides on here have been blessed with gorgeous weather for those months. But my own wedding coordinator suggested April, so that's what I ended up going with. It's def. something to think about. Either way, you'll be married in a beautiful destination whether your indoors or outdoors.


Good luck with this, happy planning wink.gif

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We get our break in March, and I considered March for our wedding, however, it is sooooo much more expensive then (thinking about our guests more than us...we personally don't mind paying more) but we also wantd to stay longer than a week so we could have some time alone....and march break is only one week.

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