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new bridezilla episode

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Originally Posted by Jacilynda View Post
Seriously, the bridezilla girls drive me CRAZY they are complete idiots, but I just can't not watch it. Does anyone else have this problem? I have to watch it, but they just drive me insane.

Has anyone seen the new one? This girl is getting married and has no money. To me it seems so dumb to start your new life w/ the one you love in debt. It's 2 days before her wedding and her bank acct is overdrawn and her credit cards are maxed out. She ends up going to a pay day loan place and can't get a loan w/out all the paper work she needs and even if she did have all the documentation she could only get $400. And she eats fried chicken.... constantly! Most of us are trying to lose weight and tone to look good but these girls are always shoving their face full of junk.

Then the other girl and her mom! Seriously the dress her mom is wearing is like a high school prom dress. Do mother of the brides really wear such things to their daughters wedding?
OMG, were you talking about the mom with the hideous pink dress meant for a dragqueen? WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?!?! I never get to watch this show, but it makes me laugh, some of these ladies are NUTS!!!

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OMG, i think i'm 2 weeks off on the current episodes, so I just saw the one where the bride was pissed that nobody was paying attention to her, because her NEPHEW WAS LOST!!!! Are you friggin kidding mehuh.gif And her 3 yr old daughter didn't want to walk down the aisle & the bride wanted someone to "take her", because she didn't want to share the spotlight. You should have to apply to be married, these people are fucking nut jobs!

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