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OOT Bags- Travel Mugs

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Hi everyone,


I have found great information from this site and I was wondering if I could have some more help. I am looking for something I could stick on a plastic travel mug to put in the OOT bags. I am wondering what type of material I could use. If there is nothing I could stick would ink and a stamp look okay. I don't want it coming off right away. I am wanting to put our logo on the mugs. Thanks everyone/.

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Have you checked out discountmugs.com yet? You can choose your type of travel mug and design your logo to go on it. I just got mine delivered on Friday and I'm so excited! They turned out great!

Another option that I've seen is finding a travel mug that you are able to put an insert inside of the plastic-you print out and cut your logo to fit inside (I heard if you do it that way, you should laminate it before inserting it so water doesn't damage it). Hopefully this helps!

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It was overwhelming trying to decide which one to go with. I guess it really depends on what you're looking for and how much you want to spend. I definitely wanted one with a handle and we were in between ST2000 and PT88. Ultimately we went with style PT88 as it was quite a bit cheaper. They come in multiples of 12 so we ordered 60, which ended up costing us $308.21, shipping included (and we also ordered gift boxes with them). They actually ended up sending us 74 mugs so we got some bonus ones!


If you sign up on their website you will get emails with different deals (10% off, 20% off or free shipping are the coupons I've received). We ended up getting free shipping with our order. They do not charge extra to ship to Canada and contrary to what I've heard, we did not get charged duty on our order. They were delivered really fast.


The deal right now is 10%, but ends on August 15-coupon code AUG1. I found that they came out with a new coupon quite often so if you can afford to wait for 20% or free shipping I would!


If you have any other questions I'd be happy to help you! Good luck!

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