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Any Pet Friendly Hotels/Resorts/Villas around the RM area???

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I'm having my wedding at El Dorado Royale in Riviera Maya. All my guests are staying with us, except for 2 people from my bridal party. My maid of honor has 2 small pugs that she wishes to take with her to Mexico. And also, one of my bridesmaids has a small shitzu that she needs to take with her as well. My resort does not accomodate pets of any size. So we're having some trouble with this one. Does anyone know of a nearby hotel that they can stay in with their pets. I'm thinking it might not have to be within the RM, just as long as it's close enough where they won't be running late the day of my wedding...worried2.gif, please help.







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Originally Posted by mexicanbridewithquestions View Post
The wedding coordinator at Eurostar Blue Tulum told me that they allow pets. And have pet massages even. It's kind of far from EDR, but it's an option.
WOW! this is so neat! I only wish I had known this sooner... Our lil wiener dog would so be joining us! She's the light of our life... And we hate that we're leaving her behind sad.gif

such a neat option for those who want to take their other family members...

Thanks for posting that!
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