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Runaway Hill Inn....Harbour Island, Bahamas


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Just in case there is no feedback on this site you can try trip advisor??!

That's how I found my wedding location!

Tons of photos of every inn,hotel,resort you can imagine!

Best part is that the photos are taken by travelers just like you & me so you get photos of EVERYTHING!!

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It looks great. Did you end up doing it there? We are sold on Harrbour Island but haven't picked a spot yet. Prices seem to really vary and we are still weighing our options. I think we are planning a trip in June to solidify details. IF you have any tips, would love to hear them. We are thinking March April 2010!!

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Hi Caroline,


I've been to Harbour Island many times. I LOVE IT THERE!! Did you already have a chance to visit? It's a beautiful quaint little island without the typical all inclusive hotels.


It has the most beautiful pink sand beach in the world.


How many people are you planning on having?


Check out Donna Whitfield's photos - she takes AMAZING photos.


Donna Whitfield DeCosta Photography : photos : Harbour Island(Briland) 2008 Weddings


Can't wait to hear more.

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