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    BEYC - North sound BVI?

    Anyone else planning a wedding at the Bitter End in the North sound of virgin Gorda? We are about to commit but was hoping to fins someone who had already done it or was a few steps ahead of me. We are planning on March, and I can't believe we may have found a place!!
  2. caroline1sc

    How long can you wait?

    Quick question, how are you doing your invites for a sendoff? We are planning to have maybe 5-6 couples from our hometown, but didn't know if we were better off including others early with someting like your sendoff, or sending save the dates for the AHR at the same time we do wedding invites? And do something a month or so later? I don't want to do any showers because we are not having that many folks from here, but our friends that are invited from here don't seem to get why it may be rude to include those who aren't coming to the wedding. Advice??
  3. caroline1sc

    Engagement parties???

    I helped throw one with my mom for my sister a few years ago. When we did the research, it appeared the engagement party should be your first party (if you elect to even have it) and it should be no earlier than six months before the wedding date.
  4. caroline1sc

    Runaway Hill Inn....Harbour Island, Bahamas

    It looks great. Did you end up doing it there? We are sold on Harrbour Island but haven't picked a spot yet. Prices seem to really vary and we are still weighing our options. I think we are planning a trip in June to solidify details. IF you have any tips, would love to hear them. We are thinking March April 2010!!
  5. caroline1sc

    Harbour Island - here we come!

    My fiance, James, and I have finally narrowed down our destination options. We are really excited to find someplace quaint, relaxed and away from big resorts. We sorted through so many options and were bummed to rule out Mexico after the swine flu advisories. Not that we didn't still think about it, but we just went smaller in the end. Am excited to chat and discuss all things wedding here online, because I've been trying not to overload my friends here. We still don't have a date. We are nervous about the winds in the Bahamas because it was super windy last November when we visited. But we'll see. Hoping it comes together soon! And congrats to all of you!