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Paradisus Riviera Maya Wedding Review - Part 1

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My apologies for posting my review so late but it’s been a crazy couple of months post wedding for me. Please if you have any questions ask away I truly want to help all as everyone helped me in this process. Having a destination wedding is a wonderful leap of faith and I’m so glad we decided to have one I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Click the image to open in full size.


Click the image to open in full size.



Flight (American Airlines)- D- smile27.gif

Our departing flight was connecting. I was nervous about getting the dress on the plan and into the first class coat closet. The flight attendant on our first leg was extremely nice and helpful and even walked us on and spoke directly with the first class steward. The second leg of the trip the woman was not as friendly and I was ready to get bridezilla but in the end she did keep her promise and we were able to hang everything in first class.

Our return flight was the “the flight that never was” it was a horrendous experience. Upon arriving at Cancun Airport we found out that our flight back home was already delayed 5 hours due to “mechanical issues.” As we were leaving the following day on our honeymoon we were nervous but figured we had enough time if there were further delays. Five hours came and went and AA was still not giving us any confirmation if the flight would be departing that day. At this point there were many angry passengers all wanting answers, by the time AA finally cancelled the flight it was 10pm (at this point we had been in the airport 9 hours. We spent all day in the airport just to have the flight cancelled we then had to proceed to baggage claim to recollect our luggage and then go back to the counter (with one person at the counter) to obtain our hotel vouchers and check us in for the flight leaving the following day. The lady at the counter was really rude and had the nerve to tell us we should expect delays, delays ok but cancellations NOT due to weather is another story. By the time we got to the hotel we were exhausted slept a few hours just to wake up the following morning to go back to the airport. Upon arriving at the airport the following day we found out our flight is once again delayed the flight still has not pushed off the gate, to make a long story short 6 hours later we finally made it on. What angered me even further is they had the nerve to charge for headphones after everything that happened, I flipped out!!!! A few minutes later they came down the aisle passing out headphones free of charge. Least they could do. So b/c of our cancellation we had to change our flight for the honeymoon due to the fact we missed our flight and had to pay the change fee which came out of our pocket b/c it’s not AA. I still have not called them to file my complaint but I will most likely avoid at all costs every flying AA ever again!!!!! I’m being kind with a Grade of a D due to the fact that our departing flights went well I felt I could not give them an F.


Hotel- A

Upon arriving at the hotel we find out we have been upgrade to Royal Service, this was a wonderful surprise as we were whisked away to private check in. We still have no idea how it happened since we booked a standard room and the package stated one category room upgrade if available! We were introduced to our butler Diego and were taken on a mini tour of the hotel and then showed to our rooms to find a beautiful display of roses on our bed. The hotel itself was even more gorgeous than I remembered from our site visit.


We visited the following Restaurants:


Terrace Grill (Surf and Turf)- We ate here the first night. Located on the outside deck so be prepared for breeziness and a shawl if you get cold easily like me. I ordered the surf and turf, the shrimp was excellent, and the beef was good but not outstanding.


Sumire (Japanese)- Very yummy and fun, beautiful inside! We made reservations for a large group (I think a max of 12). I’m not a sushi person but the sushi was really good. For dinner I had the teriyaki beef and shrimp which were also excellent. My only complaint is to be prepared to come out of their smelling like food especially if you are sitting down wind from the smoke coming off the grill.


L’Hermitage (French)- Wow! The service and the food were to die for. Everything was so tasty I wish I could have ordered everything off the menu. I don’t think anyone at our table was disappointed. I believe they only seat up to 4, we had another couple with us and found out another couple had reservations at the same time we asked the head waiter if they could accommodate all 6 of us at a table but it was not possible.


Tequila Grill (Mexican)- Our least favorite out of the mix, just wasn’t as good as the other locations. I had the chicken he had the shrimp.


****I was a big fan of the presentation of the food at all of the restaurants. I was also happy about the portion size which for some might be small but worked out perfectly for us. We never felt like we were over eating and never felt bad about having dessert.


Mercado 28/Walmart-

We were alone the first two nights of our stay before any friends or family showed up and we took this time to get our shopping out of the way so we could enjoy the time with everyone when they did arrive. For our wedding favors we wanted to get something native to Mexico so we decided we would explore and find something there instead of carrying favors down with us. We had a taxi take us to Mercado 28 that was recommended to us by Perla, we were on limited time so the taxi driver offered to wait for us at the market then drive us to Walmart (which is walk able from the market) and then back to the hotel after we were finished. We scavenged around the market for awhile debating on different items that were local and not too big so that guests would have trouble packing it. We ended up agreeing on small hand made pottery bowls. After haggling with a vendor for awhile we agreed to take 25 bowls, we quickly brought these back to the taxi and were on our way to Walmart. The market offers many different items depending on your taste if you are looking for favors but not too many food related items so I don’t suggest going there if that is what you want. Be prepared to haggle especially if you are buying in bulk. Perla and Elisa even told me that one couple went to Mercado 28 during their site visit and purchased maracas from a vendor who hand painted all of the guests names on each maraca. The couple paid for half then and upon their return to Mexico to pick up the completed maracas during the week of the wedding paid for the other half. Just a thought to keep in mind.

We then ventured to Walmart to pick up goodies for our OOT Bags. I brought a ton of stuff for the bags but wanted local food to put in the bags. I wasn’t too thrilled with Walmarts selection of local food as there weren’t many individual sized options to choose from. We ended up getting tequila flavored chocolates, candy, gum, and mini chip bags in unique flavors.


*****Sams Club is also located in the Walmart shopping plaza so you can kill two birds with one stone.


Click the image to open in full size. Here are some of the wedding favors we purchased at the market.

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Hey Michele!! Welcome back - I know exactly how you feel with the past 2 months - Wait til you start returns! :) The favors are beautiful, and you are a beautiful bride! Congratulations!

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