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Newbie getting married in Huatulco, Mex

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Hi Everybody!


My name is Evelyn and I am getting married in Huatulco, Mexico early next year ... Feb.7 2009. I can't wait ...with all the prepraration and excitement ..it just can't come any sooner.

I've searched around in the forum and I haven't encountered anyone getting married in this area (Bahias de Huatulco)... has anyone? or know of anyone? I ask because its been a bit difficult dealing with the vendors since this area isn't as touristic with foreigners as most of the other popular coastal areas of Mexico, like Cancun and Los Cabos. I have to admit I am fluent in Spanish but am still having a hard time.


I also want to take the opportunity to thank the host(ess) for this great forum that helped in my search of the perfect boarding pass invites. I found the idea of it and then searched for a vendor who had done something similar.....:Hitched Invites-Custom & Pre-Made Wedding Invitations. Invitations. Inspired:.


I was so happy with them that I wanted to share snippets of them (attached).....


Hope to continue reading more....




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Congratulations on your engagement! Sorry, I am not sure of anyone getting married at or who has been married at your location, but I'm sure similar locals here can give you some advice. Happy planning!

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