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Happy AHR Day ErinB!

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It was beautiful! I can't wait for pictures.


The whole day I kept thinking how happy I was that it was NOT my wedding day.


I was so worried that it be perfect. I had to do the decorating and prep the food, someone else was hired to serve it.


Anything that could go wrong did go wrong! LOL I was probably the only one who knew, but still.


The cake split in half and completely fell apart so it had to be re-done. The slideshow wouldn't play so the photographer was late because she was re-burning them, a server didn't show up, one whole case of liquor didn't get delivered, etc.


On a positive note, my dress zipped right up and fit better than it did in Jamaica.


We had a lot of people RSVP that didn't show, so there was a lot of extra food and alcohol.


It was a fantastic event, I was just a little disappointed more people weren't there to see all of the hard work that went into it. I'm hoping to get pictures soon!

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yay erin, i'm so glad that you were able to pull it off even with some snafus. i cant believe that happened to the cake and no one knew! cant wait for pics of that! :)

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