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Any Suggestions on a Location?

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If you want to be in the touristy areas (so you can go clubbing, meet people, etc) then up in Guanacaste is the place to be (although Manuel Antonio could work too). If you want quiet, but want to be up in Guanacaste, Mal Pais is fantastic if you don't mind getting there.


I wanted lush rainforest and quiet deserted beaches, so I'm getting married way down south at Rancho Pacifico near Uvita. Well actually, I'm probably getting married right on a beach, but we're staying at Rancho Pacifico and they're organizing everything.


So I guess the main question is, what are your priorities? How long do you want to stay? How many guests do you estimate will come? Do you want the hotel to yourself, or do you want a big busy resort? Do you like rustic...luxury, or a combo? What is your budget? What do you want to see and do?


No matter what you want, Costa Rica has a hotel that will suit your needs perfectly, but there are so many great places that's it's impossible to just pick one at random without knowing what you're after exactly. On the bright side, you can't really go wrong in CR :)

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Originally Posted by ma_ung View Post
Hi everyone,

We're planning to wed. Feb. 2010 in Costa Rica, but we're having a difficult time deciding on a location. We would like to be married on the the beach and have our reception on the beach or outdoors. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Also has anyone heard of "Weddings Costa Rica" wedding coordinator? If so, what have you heard about them? I feel so overwhelmed at this point! dizzy.gif
Have you thought of Malpais? It is the new hip place in CR. Depending on your wedding size there are rentals you can look at. Casa March is great for beach ceremony and reception. There is also Milarepa, Red Palm Villas. Malpais has great nitelife, many activities you can do and many options in lodging and restaurants. Feb is a good time, breezy, not too hot.
WCR, is a good company, well established with a large experienced staff.
Whatever your choice, make sure the company doesn't only "paint it with flowers" make sure they tell you the good, the bad and the ugly of a wedding in CR. Lots of luck!

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Hello!! I just wanted to say that we were just married in Manuel Antonio Feb. 14th, 09:) It was beautiful! We were married on Playitas and then had the reception on the patio of one of our rental villas. It was a perfect night. We didn't have a wedding planner, we used our house concierge to assist us with any information we needed and he was WONDERFUL. Our houses were actually right near a pp's hotel- Si Como No. We were a bit further up the road but then down on the side of the mountain with a beautiful sunset view.

We used El Velo Photography (they service all of Costa Rica) and I highly recommend them. Here are some of our pictures: lahryn & brent


Scroll past all the names (or click on some if you want to see other weddings!). Juan Carlos was our photographer and he was fantastic.

We had William Munoz as an officiant- through Marcelo Galli.


Here is a list of villas in Manuel antonio: Manuel Antonio Area Vacation Rentals - VRBO® is Vacation Rentals by Owner Manuel Antonio Area - Manuel Antonio Area Hotels, Manuel Antonio Area Lodging, Manuel Antonio Area Travel and Tourism


We rented these two (the patio on the blue house was where we had the reception:) : Costa Rica Vacation Hotel Quepos Manuel Antonio - Complete Villa

Manuel Antonio Rental - House


We walked by these houses daily and they are beautiful:

Costa Rica Villa - Villa

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica - Villa with four full suites


I'm sure there are more. I would also recommend the hotel byblos. We went there for breakfast one day and dinner another. The staff was very friendly and food was excellent. There isn't an ocean view but a wonderful rainforest one instead.


It is definately a tourist area, so be prepared for that.. but the clubs were fun, resturants were great, ocean was perfect, no complaints at all. I highly, highly, recommend a visit to Manuel Antonio, we intend on a return trip for our first anniversary:) GOod luck! (and congratulations!

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I would also recommend the Tamarindo Bay. Lots of activities and things to do around. People say, it looks like Los Angeles in the 50's.

You can find a property on the beach or on the hills, overlooking the ocean. It is a bit touristy than some other locations though. But again, there are no private beaches in Costa Rica and tourists walk everywhere :)

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