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  1. Has anyone done such a dinner at a restaurant outside of an AI? Any experience with this would be great. (We are expecting a group of about 40.) Thanks!
  2. My fiance and I love MA, and we have a relative who owns property there. That said, we are concerned about having older guests (i.e. grandparents) making the trip. Does anyone have experience with this issue? Any thoughts would be appreciated...Thanks!
  3. NellyG

    Any Suggestions on a Location?

    Buena Vista Casas are incredible, and it has a private beach on the property.
  4. NellyG

    Iberostar Grand Rose Hall

    Hi Sparkles, I like what I have read about the Grand, but I am not entirely clear if my wedding will work there. I believe the Grand is adults only, and some of our guests have children. If they stayed in other resorts, would their kids be allowed on the property for the wedding? Thanks, Nelly
  5. NellyG

    Getting married in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

    Congrats! My fiance and I are attending our friends' wedding in Cabo in May, and it looks incredble!
  6. NellyG

    Marrying in Negril

    Congrats and welcome to this site! We were looking at the Rockhouse as well. If you like the cliffs, you might want to take a look at the Tensing Pen, which is much smaller if you want to rent the entire property.
  7. NellyG

    New--Jamaica Wedding

    Thank you everyone! So much great information on this site...
  8. Thank you to everyone for sharing! It sounds like all of the IB properties can accommodate the number of guests that we anticipate. We will definitely check them out on our upcoming scouting trip. Thanks!
  9. Thanks to all for the Coyaba info! A question that I have is whether Coyaba also performs wedding ceremonies on the beach? Their website seems to indicate that it is possible, but I haven't seen any photos of beach weddings. Does anyone know about this? Thanks!
  10. Does anyone have a guess as to how late I could book a Riu wedding for January or February 2010? Thanks!
  11. Hi, My fiance and I want to get married in Jamaica, but we are debating between MoBay, Negril, and Ochos Rios. Some of our guests are likely to make a three day weekend out of the wedding, so MoBay may make the most sense in order to minimize travel time. That said, we are curious if people think that Negril and Ochos Rios are worth the extra time that it would take our guests to get there. Any thoughts are much appreciated! Thanks, Nelly
  12. Hi, The Iberostar looks beautiful, and the reviews on Tripadvisor are outstanding. Does anyone know if the location would be suitable for a wedding with @50 guests? Thanks, Nelly
  13. NellyG

    New--Jamaica Wedding

    Hi, My name is Nelly. My fiance and I are starting to plan a destination wedding in Jamaica. We are thinking of either January or February 2010. Thanks, Nelly