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Australia Honeymoon (Sydney, Hamilton Island, Brisbane)

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We just came back from Australia and it was an awesome place! I totally would recommend it for an active honeymoon. We loved Hamilton Island and Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary! The Great Barrier Reef is a scuba divers dream. Whitehaven beach was so pristine. Zorbing was a fun experience. Australia is a great place to explore and can't wait to go back.


Thanks for your feedback.

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I am bumping this as I was going to post a new thread, but FI and I are honeymooning in Australia and New Zealand for 3 weeks after the wedding in Mexico.


Can anyone give me some advice that has been? We have our flights booked. We are going to Syd, Brisbane, Cairns, and Melbourne. Then off to New Zealand. Christchurch and Queenstown.


Anything I missed? Any input on must sees? This is our dream trip. July is going to be a whirlwind. Yep, we will be in mass debt. But totally worth it!


For the cost of a normal wedding at home..we instead opted for doing a Mexico wedding, an relaxed casual AHR, and we get to go to AUS and NZ.

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I'm so excited to see this thread! We are strongly considering doing australia and new zealand. Our wedding is in April, and we're going to wait until October to take our honeymoon.

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Hi Beachbum


If you have any more questions, just shout out.


I live in sydney at the moment, but have travelled all over Australia.


October is a GREAT time to see Australia - the weather is amazing that time of year...


If you give me an idea of the kind of couple you are, I can suggest some things for you to do??

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We just got back from our whirlwind wedding in Mexico and honeymoon is Au and Nz!


We did 3 weeks down under. Here is the breakdown. We had an amazing time!



We flew to all the citeis in Australia, then drove all over the south island in NZ, and just visited Aukland in the North island, NZ.

Sydney- 4 days

---Auqarium, Taronga Zoo, Blue Mountains, City Tour. Sydney is amazing! we so much fun!


Cairns- 3 days

---Great Barrier Reef (MUST SEE!!!) RainForestation, And tour a rain forest.


Melbourne 2 days (needed longer here, could have stayed at least a few more days)

-Shopping is amazing! Phillip Island to see the Little Pengiuns, one of the coolest things ever! Also saw lots of wallabies (mini kangaroos) in the wild. Koala reserve all in one tour. You must see the little pengiuns!!!


Then New Zealand


Christchurch 2 days

toured around the city

Greymouth -brewery tour on the way to a Glacier

Queenstown- tour to Milford sound

drove to a few more little towns and then back to Christchurch and flew to Aukland.

Aukland is a big city. really neat.


The south island is beautiful! The most amazing scenery ever!!!!


We had so much fun! The best vacation ever! Very adventurous! You will have fun!

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