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Packing Wedding Supplies

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The entire Elite Plus section of the plane has been reserved by members of our wedding party on sunwing and this increases our baggage allowance permitted per guest. (It's their equivalent to first class) Between my kids and everyone else- we should more than cover the room needed to bring my decor!


And it really is so hard to say how much room things will need until you start packing it.   After seeing what 50 maracas looks like, I would think I could safely pack them into those small suitcases people use for carry on, but we shall see.  Then I have a few bigger items like my 'chest' for our postcards and my daughter's flower girl pail.  I think we should be ok though, because my candle holders can go inside eachother to save space.    Packing will be loads of fun though heheh not.

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