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  1. We were a bit away from the water but took about 5 minutes to walk down there. That is true if you have guests with mobility issues it may be a problem. We were so glad that we did but certainly understand it may not work for everyone.
  2. Sorry for the delay in responding. We just got back from our wedding in Mexico! It was perfect and when I get around to it I will be posting pics and such. Ok so...shell ceremony.... It was one of the best parts of our wedding. We had 30 guests, therefore we started with 30 seashells. I bought them at Michaels before we left and wrote a word on each shell. Fun, joy, hope, understand etc (basically the things you hope for in your marriage). As guests arrived I had my best friend and her sons pass out shells to each of the guests. At a point in the ceremony I had my friend com
  3. Hi everyone, So I have decided to do the Shell Ceremony and I have about 32 people attending. I am trying to come up with words to write on the shells for each of the guests to receive and toss into the water. I thought I would post what I have so far and see if anyone had suggestions of other to add. I'm sorry if this has been done already. I couldn't find a topic that discussed the words specifically. Love Laughter Hope Trust Understanding Forgiveness Fun Health Happiness Respect Fairness Communication Sharing Responsibility Faith Peace Friendship Admiration Passi
  4. @@CurlyKristen Yes they are still available. I also now have the plastic loops that go with them. They are also clear. For 30 of them with the loops its about $37 with shipping included. I just received them in the mail Saturday and can ship first thing tomorrow if you would like to Paypal me the $. My email is janetanddan2014@@gmail.com. Just let me know. Thanks so much.
  5. Deanne, Wow you are soooo sweet to get back to me, especially in the process of being down there planning your own wedding!!! By now I guess you are married. CONGRATULATIONS! I can't wait to hear all about it and see pics. It sounds like you sorta have the opposite situation as what I have but your information was so helpful. I have just sort of relaxed and told myself I may not have a lot of the answers until I get down there right before the wedding. Our situation is that we are having a HUGE AHR on June 14th in St. Louis, MO. We want to do our first dance, cake, toasts, all of thos
  6. @@Jennypert yes I can ship to Illinois. I can sell 20 for $20 plus shipping so about $25. I just ordered them last night. So when I receive them I will let you know so you can send PayPal cool?
  7. If anyone still needs clear sturdy luggage tags email me at janetanddan2014@@gmail.com. I ordered min requirement of 100 and I only need 40.
  8. I am getting ready to order these. The shipping is pricey. I only need 40. Minimum purchase 100. If anyone needs some I will have 60 for sale once I get them. If interested email me janetanddan2014@@gmail.com. @@Stack02 let me know if you would like to purchase some luggage tags. I will have 60 clear plastic ones for sale.
  9. @@Jennypert I just ordered more clear sturdy luggage tags than I can use. As soon as I get them I will mail u $25 of them for $30 including shipping as well so u have your 50. If u are interested email me at janetanddan2014@@gmail.com.
  10. Mine have also. NOw I have 3 more. YAYA
  11. 3 more. I am doing this now! Thanks to all of you for commenting on these.
  12. @@Rainmaker Keep going!!! 5 more for me!!!
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