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Manicure question

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Originally Posted by LALA View Post
Try Nailtiques (sp?). It's just a clear coat but it makes nails so strong. It's expensive ($18 a bottle) but it really works. They sell it at beauty supply places for sure. Our Walgreens has it too. There are different numbered formulas - one for repair, one to maintain once you get them strong. I've been using it for over 10 years.

Here is some info. The logo at the top is what the package looks like.
that is the stuff I mean earlier-yes that totally works, I used to use it in college it was great!!!

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I agree with the Nailtiques and cuticle moisturize tips. I used to chew on my cuticles and nails, and hated my hands, but once I got engaged, I hated how my ring looked next to my horrible nails. So I started moisturizing my cuticles and using the Nailtiques to make my nails stronger, my hands have started looking a lot better - less red and swollen. Just having them look a little healthier has made me hate them less! Whenever I'm tempted to chew, I put more cuticle balm on (I carry one of the little Solar Oil balm tins in my purse). Getting a weekly manicure has helped b/c it forces me to get the Nailtiques reapplied! I know I'll never have long nails, but I don't hate the way my nails look as much when the cuticles are in shape and they look healthy.

Good luck!



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Tammy I am late to this but I am obsessed with nails so I will put my two cents in.


All my life I have bitten my nails to the disgusting point of bleeding. I have also ripped my cuticles to shred. Add that on to the fact that I have extremely dry skin and you can imagine how heinous my hands looked.


No matter what I did I could not stop biting my nails and picking at my cuticles. I have done tips (with the glue) and tips with the acryllic. And I have also gotten wraps. I personally do not recommend doing any of these b/c even though you will have long nails (even if they are fake) they are destroying your real nail and actually making it weaker. Not to mention that the upkeep on acryllic or the powder and glue is very costly.


What I do recommend doing is this. Go get a manicure immediately. Yes it feels awful to sit in the chair when you don't like your nails but I swear these people see messed up nails all the time so they won't care. Even if you nails are short and your cuticles don't look good just have them give you a mani. I would not recommend getting a mani every two weeks I would tell you to get one every week! I know that sounds extreme but after 4 to 5 days the polish will start to chip and you are more likely to start playing with your nails, biting them, or peeling the polish. If you have them done nicely all the time then you are less likely to touch them.


Also ask for Nailtiques (sp?) they make nails grow thicker. My nails were brittle and weak from all the years of biting them. I never took any supplement or anything like that just got them done every week. I no longer bite them, nor do I pick at my cuticles anymore. Everyone always tells me how nice my nails are which is shocking b/c they were atrocious before.


I promise you if you do this, your nails will start to grow so fast and they will grow stronger. Also I don't know what your personal preference is but I swear to you that short nails are very "in" right now. I do not keep my long I actually love them short. (If you look at all the stars their nails are always short). So don't feel bad if they don't grow ridiculoulsy long. I promise you that if you get one every week you will see improvement after the 2nd mani.

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