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Hi Girls! smile159.gifI have a funny question to ask anyone out there. I am looking into getting mugs from discountmugs.com (#ST14). I am wanting to purchase about 50 of them. However I was looking at prices and it makes sense to get 144 for around the same price (only $60 more). I'm only wanting to get a Star Fish on them (no date or names) Anyways would someone be interested in going in on these with me. We can agree on the color, I am open to any color as this mug does not have the original color I wanted (aqua). Then we could split it in half!

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Hello Mylee!


I too am looking into getting some form of "mugs" for my guests. I am also hoping to get 50 or so mugs with just a starfish, no names or dates, in a shade of aqua. I was looking at these custome coolers, which are basicly a koozie with a cup and finger slide lid. I was thinking these cups would be easy to travel with since I am planning on bringing all of the items to go in the oot bags to Jamaica and assembling them there. These would be able to stack into one another and the koozie part would lay flat (also, the boys or girls could just use the koozie part for a beer if ther didn't want to use the cup). I found these coolers are multiple wedsites but I think the best pic is on:

Custom Printed Custom cooler with finger slide lid. - p278007

Let me know what you think. I was thinking about getting the trans blue cup with like a white koozie. I am still debating and totally still up for your mug idea :-)



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