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Reveo Marinator - AWESOME shower gift...

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Originally Posted by Just Martha View Post
oh yuuuuuuuuuum!
I want a veggie kabob right now!

Alyssa, question about bison....does it have a "gamey" taste?
no, not at all. My FI loves Bison - I am not big on meats but i will have Bison every once in a while - it is like 30% leaner than red meat so it is considered 'healthy'. we get ours from Whole Foods, usually Bison Strip Steaks or Bison Ribeye for FI. He also LOVES Bison burgers.

I know it is a chain but i don't know exactly where they are located but Ted Turner has a restaurant called 'Ted's Montana Grill' - they have a Bison menu and a Cow menu and FI loves their Bison burgers.

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Never heard of Ted Turners. But, we have a Whole Foods down the street (although they may not carry any down here)....I may have Jay grill some for us when he comes home next week. Jay likes to try new foods more than I do, so I am sure he will be excited!


I'll Google some recipes. Thanks!

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