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Thank's for the advice on the wedding invites :) One more question about them...Should I be giving my guests menu choices on the invites? What are the rest of you doing about that?

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Originally Posted by jhawkev View Post
My wedding is two weeks from today!! bunny_4.gif

Jharwood- have you finalized everything for your day yet? Did you decide on the reception site?
Woohoo. It's coming up so fast now.
Currently we are booked in the ballroom. FI is second thinking the beach, but I am hesitant due to reports of the chilly wind at night.
Does anyone have any advice for me?
After several emails from my TA Azul wrote back and said that another group had requested Zocallo and that was why we couldn't have it. I was never told that, not surprising considering that the right hand doesn't have a clue what the left hand is doing! I'm just ready to be there and celebrate!

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Is anyone else dealing with price discrepencies on EVERYTHING. For example, Chairs $9 each in the 2009 event kif. $7 in the 2008 banquet kit. And $10 On LomasTravel.


So how much will we actually have to payhuh.gif How did ya'll figure this out?


Also, for those who have already been to Azul ... How much does it cost for the resort to deliver gift bags to guests' rooms? In the wedding special amenities kit, it says $4 (p29). In the banquet kit, it says $6. On LomasTravel it says $4. But in the Family & Friends section, it says the planner does this for NO CHARGE! Why would they charge wedding parties this fee and not family & friends parties?




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Originally Posted by khoyle View Post
Hi Shanda,

First off - Welcome! You'll find yourself coming here almost everyday for updates. The highlights for me are when the brides share their pics with us! Secondly, I decided to do the sit down dinner. It's nice to have your whole group in an area that's semi private, so people can give speeches and toast the bride and groom. The cheap dinners are supposedly very good and are only $12/person.

Question to recent brides, or brides to be that have already paid for their reception. Has anyone had to add another person last minute?? My friend just informed me that he could probably come, but I didn't pay for him. Thanks!

3 weeks today till I leave for Sensatori!!
Thanks Kelly! I think we are going to end up doing the sit down dinner. The standing cocktail reception starts at $21 per person (I think) so doing the $12 sit down would be cheaper AND we get the 4 hours instead of 2. We are trying to save money with the wedding stuff so we can pay for an excursion for all of our guests.

Speaking of...have any brides out there done excursions with your whole group? Any suggestions?

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Originally Posted by amysteele444 View Post
I am doing OOT bag and just paying the $4 per room del. charge. I think there is something nice about your guest being welcomed immediatly. We are also having a private beach front welcome party that evening for everyone to meet at which time we plan to give a little speech also expressing out gratitude for everyones time and travel.

Our welcome bags turned out really good. I included a little note that welcomed everybody and had a little rundown of events. We also included a self addressed/stamped post card for each of our guests to writes us at the end of their stay. Once we arrive home I plan to have them nicely bound into what will act as our guest book.

I plan to take a pic of all our inserts and what have you to post at the end of the month for you all.
I am new to the site and still reading all these posts. I love your postcard idea! How did it work out for you? Did you ever post pics on here? I may get to them in pages to come but just wondering :-)


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Here are some answers I can help with!


CAKE - we paid $256 for what's described on the detail sheet as "3 Tier square shaped wedding caked for 20-30 people"


PLAZA - we loved that we ended up with such a large space to dance, rather than the rented beach dance floor.


CHAIRS - we paid $9 for uncovered chairs.


WELCOME BAGS - we left letters at the front desk for people to get at check in, and that was free. We left a black space on the letter to fill in our room number once we knew it, and then asked people to call us when they got there and that made it easy for us to deliver things to our guests, say hi, and not have to pay any fees!


BAR/LOUNGE - I was never out past about 12:30, and it was still open then with no signs of closing!


MAKEUP - I brought a bunch of my own makeup as a back-up in case I hated what they did and wanted to re-do it, but I didn't need a thing! They had a tray of shadows and asked what color I wanted for my eyes, and and they had everything else.


MARRAIGE LICENSE - I was really confused on this when I got back. The county clerk here said we still needed to get married by the Justice of the Peace in order to file the license. Then I found out we don't technically need to file the license anywhere - International law makes our marraige valid here in the US since we did the legal ceremony there. However, DPS would not except the wedding license from Mexico(whether it was translated or not) to change my name on my driver license and told me to go to Social Security Admin. Luckily, Social Security accepted the Mexican license(in Spanish) so now I'm waiting to receive my name change on my SS card and then hopefully DPS will change it when I can show them that. If anyone else has advice on this subject I'd like to know since I'm still in the process!


FOOD - I just wanted to say again the $12 private meals as fine! And I'd go with the s'more party over cocktail party for a welcome - people can get great food anytime at all the restaurants, but you can only get s'mores on the beach is you do the private party!


I think that answers everything I can! Good luck everyone.

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