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So my bad turns to worse...(another long vent post)

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#31 -Kate-

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    Posted 11 June 2008 - 10:57 PM

    Holy crap! I'm so sorry. Let us know if we can help in any way.

    #32 KarmaB

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      Posted 11 June 2008 - 11:31 PM

      I am so sorry you are going through all of this right now. I know how hard it is to go through a miscarriage, I had one 2 years ago. Try to rest and take care of you. Everything will work out in the end. ((Hugs))

      #33 PaulaV

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        Posted 12 June 2008 - 10:18 AM

        Goodness... that is a lot for anyone to handle.
        I am so sorry to hear about all of this and to hear about your miscarriage.
        You must be under so much stress.

        I am with Rachel, collect unemployment, you have paid into it already.

        That was a canned email from the WC, so hopefully you can make her understand you have a date, you have past emails, etc. If she doesn't get it, call the hotel and ask for a manager.

        If we can help in any way just yell!

        Lots of hugs!

        #34 twinkletoes

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          Posted 02 July 2008 - 08:08 AM

          I have been trying to find this post forever! I just wanted to give a brief update. I am going to try and go through and answer everybody's post. But I just wanted to say thanks again for all the kind words and support. I just think with all the things happening, I was in shock I guess (more like temporary insane) and just needed to find a place of solace within myself. Even though I am still jobless and a little stressed, I am feeling much better. All this free time has allowed me to catch up on some DIY projects with the wedding and around the house. I have went on a couple of interviews, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Boy do I have a lot of threads to catch up on! I miss being so active on the forum:~( Thanks again everyone!
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          #35 starchild



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            Posted 02 July 2008 - 08:12 AM

            Good to hear from you! Sounds like the free time has done you some good and I hope you find an even better job than before. Stay positive!

            #36 twinkletoes

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              Posted 02 July 2008 - 08:30 AM

              Originally Posted by TammyB
              OMG I'm so sorry. I don't even know where to start, I'm sorry to hear about your Miscarriage, how far along were you?

              I can't remember what you do for a living but how hard is it to find a new job in your field?

              Is their someone else at the resort you can talk to regarding all of this?

              Hopefully you'll find another job soon and you can start after the wedding, just try to focus on getting your wedding date confirmed again. Did you hire a WC? What about a TA?
              I was about 5 weeks. This is the 2nd miscarriage I have experienced, so I kind of knew how to deal with emotionally a little. I went through some tests last week and am going back at the end of the week for the results.

              I am in the IT field. While there are a lot of IT positions open in Atlanta, there are twice as many people seeking jobs. I actually went to a career fair and stood in line just to get in for and hour and a half! And I arrived early, lol!

              I contacted an NH hotel rep that is actually in Miami and she got the ball rolling. I actually have a TA that is helping me sort the wedding stuff out. Thank God for you girls, b/c when I posted my original post, I had no clue what to do! Its like everything was erased from my brain.
              Oh hell no!!! I am so sorry for everything you are being tested with right now, what are the odds that you would get all this at once? You need some you time but it's tough with this lovely new WC situation that you have to handle asap. Your wedding is 2 months away, WTF??

              How can we help? Do you have a contract? They don't want an influx of emails from us....
              And how about I am now on my 4th wedding coordinator!!! She seems to be trying to work out everything. But I just feel so bad for her b/c she is feeling the heat of it all. I was told they dont do contracts. However, this last wedding coordinator said they will honor the original prices I received.
              Originally Posted by LadyP
              Ok breathe. I feel your pain and stress but it will work itself out and you will be fine.

              First gather all of your emails and correspondence with the other coordinators and show the new chick that the date has been confirmed and your have aggreed upon a price and contracts signed if that is the case.

              Second being laid off will work in your favor for right now becuase you can collect unemployment and be home getting things to gether for your beautiful August wedding .

              Thirdly relax your body needs to heal from the torment it just went throught. By the way your handling it well.

              Fourth doo you. Get your nails done get a facial have lunch with you and get your mind right.

              Thank you so much Catherine for your excellent advice! Lol, I took ALL of it on!. I gathered ALL my emails and forwarded them to my TA so that got the ball rolling.

              I am going back and forth with the unemployment office now. There were so many freakin people there it was crazy. Defitenly not a happy place. But I have filed and been assigned a case work, so I am waiting and waiting...

              And I actually did have a me day. One of my friends that got laid off as well, we had a girls day and that really helped me. We laughed, we cried, we cursed. lol.

              Thanks again!!!

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              #37 twinkletoes

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                Posted 02 July 2008 - 08:40 AM

                Originally Posted by TA Maureen
                I am sincerely sorry for the loss of your pregnancy. I know how difficult that is. If you want to talk feel free to PM me. Many of the girls here have been through similar situations and are very supportive and understanding. They helped me through a lot. I'm here for you.

                The timing of losing your job is horrible. Since it's due to the economy you will be able to collect unemployment. You can go online and apply. I know that's not the same thing as having job security at a time like this but it's there to help you.

                As for your WC situation, if you get a chance forward me whatever you have as far as contact info goes for the resort and wedding department. Also send me your wedding date, time, and location and if you would like me to I will try to make some contact for you to get to the bottom of this.

                Again I'm very sorry and I hope things begin to look up for you.
                Thank you for your support and offering to help. I actually have a TA that is handling the situation. I wasnt even thinking about getting my TA involved. Hopefully everything gets worked out soon.

                Originally Posted by Yari
                Oh no sweetie, wow!

                I am so sorry you are being tested like this right now.

                Regarding the job, I agree with the others...collect unemployment and focus on your wedding.

                As for your ex-MOH f'her...you don't need to even think about that situation right now.

                I am so sorry you had a miscarriage. Take some time to heal.

                We are totally here for you!
                I think all of this is just exactly that, a TEST. I am realizing I could be soooo much worse off. But thank goodness we had already set aside our wedding funds. I have had to adjust the budget a little, but it seems to be working. I just hope the unemployment kicks in soon! I am just glad I kind of live a 'minimal lifestyle' and my FI is able to pick up the slack. But it has been hard since I am a VERY independent person and have been working since I was 16.

                As far as my ex-MOH, thats exactly what I have done. I still havent heard from her but at this point I'm so over the situation and her.

                All this 'spare' time has given me time to go through a physical, emotionaly, and mental strengthining, not to mention making my faith stronger.

                Thanks again :~)

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                #38 Sandra E.

                Sandra E.
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                  Posted 02 July 2008 - 08:44 AM

                  Thanks for the update, I wish you nothing but the best and I hope you find a better job than the last one.

                  #39 DanielleNDerek

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                    Posted 02 July 2008 - 09:07 AM

                    Sorry I missed the post before. I just wanted to say that no one should have to deal with all of those things your going through at one time. That's awful. I'm glad that you are doing better and Im sure a great job will come your way very soon. Goodluck with the job hunt.
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                    #40 Maura


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                    Posted 02 July 2008 - 09:14 AM

                    christina im so glad to see you back on the forum. ive been a little worried about you lately -- i hope to see you post all your DIY stuff in the august brides thread, we have really missed you!

                    you are such a strong person -- look at you -- you went through all that shit and came out on the other side. great things are bound to happen for you really soon, i can just feel it! :hug:

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