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For those of you in town today May 30th

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There's going to be a huge fireworks show - I think all over town - but I know for sure at the stadium which is located right next to the Sheraton.


Here's the link:



For those of you who don't speak Spanish wink.gif it basically says that the whole thing will open-up at 8:00 p.m. with a Chinese lion dance and then they will proceed to set-off the castillos - for those of you not familiar with a castillo, it's a big large structure made of fireworks and, when they set it off, it spells out things or has a design to it that is revealed as the fireworks go off.


They are beautiful, but a little dangerous ... I use to call them "crowd burners" because of one we saw in Mexico City - first people were so close that sparks were flying into people's hair and their family would be patting their head to get out the sparks and then the top went flying off and my hubby thought it was suppose to do that and I was thinking "um, not it isn't" and everyone is watching it whirl into the air like a flying saucer - then it came falling back down into the crowd and everyone was running to get out of the way wink.gif.


But I'm sure these displays will be much safer, as it's an international symposium wink.gif and they are really amazing to watch! :)

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It was really great! And guess what? I was WRONG - that part is suppose to fly in the sky and then fall back to the ground - only not into the crowd! There were 10 castillos and a ton of big banging sky ones -lasted about two hours ... wish you guys could have seen it :).

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