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St. Thomas after wedding plans?

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Hey girls (and guys?)! I'm new to the board and there's a ton of resources here! I am getting married in December on St. Thomas and I'm looking for ideas of what we should do after the wedding (it's just going to be me and FI, in port for the day off a cruise ship). Our wedding is going to be at 10am, and we're scheduled to be in port until 7pm. I guess I'm looking for good restaurant suggestions and also just something really fun to do on the island, something that all of the other cruise ship passengers won't be doing -- we don't usually like all of the touristy stuff.. Thanks!

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Try a daysail charter out of Red Hook. The smaller sailboats usually only take 6 passengers or you can book the whole boat for yourselves. Most of them will offer a half day charter since full day charters leave around 9 in the morning and get back about 4 in the afternoon.

If you're interested I can send you some links to some of the boats I know first hand.

Also, you could hire a driver to take you out to the little touristed west end and north sides of the island.

Indigo is a beautiful restaurant about mid island with spectacular views.

Although lots of cruiseship passengers do it, parasailing might be a good way to commemorate your big day.

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Ditto on where are you getting married? This can determine a better answer as to where to go after!

If you are getting married at Magen's Bay, Indigo is a very nice choice! Old Stone Farmhouse is no longer open for lunch...only dinner.

Herve's in town is a popular wedding lunch choice as well as Tavern on the Waterfront, both in town.

Congratulations to you!

Might have more suggestions, once we know where your ceramony is!

ps- Your wedding planner should be able to make these suggestions and plans for you!

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Beautiful beach! It's going to be a stunning wedding. And the location on the East End makes July09's suggestion above very convenient with all the boats going out of Red Hook or Sapphire Beach Marina. A private charter can be oh, so romantic. Are you using a wedding coordinator? If so she can help find an arrangement for you. If not, you can probably talk to the charter company and they might be able to arrange for a wedding luncheon/early dinner on board. If you prefer to stay mostly on land, perhaps a ferry ride over to Caneel Bay on St. John. I would guess you could get a lovely luncheon there. If you plan on bringing your swimsuits you could have an afternoon swim at Caneel Beach.


Sherri's suggestions above for restaurants on St. Thomas are great. I would add East End places as well, such as Agave Terrace (not sure if they offer lunch) or Blue Moon Cafe or, for a treat, go hang out at the Ritz.


It's hard to recommend places the tourists don't visit because, well, so many good places cater to tourists. Most tourists don't go to the movies....you could see what's playing that day....LOL.


I hope you've got a few ideas. Aah, Lindqvist. I sure would be eager to see some pictures after the wedding.

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I didn't really mean only places tourists don't visit, I'm just trying to avoid the cruise ship crowds. And yeah, I know my planner can help with this. I still have a few months though, and I'm just trying to get ideas. I'll talk to her about it when we get closer.


I've thought about the boat charter -- that's probably on the top of my list, though I was hoping to save some money... Parasailing would be fun, we should totally do it in our suit and dress! haha.


Anyway, thanks for the great ideas! Keep em coming :)

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Very pretty location to get married! I like Petunia's idea of Blue Moon Cafe', Agave' Terrace is only open for Dinner.


ashleycharree, I LOVE your idea of parasailing with the wedding atire on! How cool would that be for pictures! You only wear the dress once, so how unique that would be!!!!! I am seeing much more creative pictures being done and I am enjoying this! Sapphire is the location for parasailing, but unfortunely, no good places to eat there. Maybe go to Blue Moon Cafe' and then onto Sapphire for parasailing! How COOL!!!!!! Wish I could see that!

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Hi Everyone! I am getting married in St Thomas in September 2009. We are taking a cruise with some friends and family. Since we will be having fun all week, I don't feel the need to have a formal reception. I would like to treat eveyone to a cheap lunch, like $15 per person. I am also going to treat everyone to a tour of the islland through "St. Thomas Tours by Sunny Liston tours". They are only going to charge $25 per person and they are going to pick everyone up from the cruise ship, take them to the wedding, bring us on a tour of the island and then back to the ship. I want the lunch quick, cheap and easy. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Where are you having your wedding ceremony? Your island tour sounds like a great idea, and the price seems very reasonable.


How many guests will be with you? Do you have a preference for the luncheon? Waterfront? Cuisine? I can't really imagine you will be able to find too much for $15 per person if you include drinks and tip.


My first thought is Iggie's www.iggiesbeachbar.com a beach restaurant that is very casual, not too expensive and easy. Another suggestion, if there aren't too many in your party, is Wikked, in Yacht Haven Grande, right next to the cruise ship dock and overlooking a marina with mega-yachts in the harbor. Other good lunch spots, if you would like local cuisine, are in downtown Charlotte Amalie. These are Cuzzin's or Gladys's Cafe. Both are enclosed restaurants, not beachfront, but both have great lunches. For a little more upscale, also beachfront, you might try Blue Moon Cafe Blue Moon Cafe - St. Thomas US Virgin Islands at the Secret Harbour Resort.


You mention you want a quick lunch. Well the word "quick" doesn't usually fall in the same sentence as a discussion of restaurant service on St. Thomas. But all mentioned are among the better ones for service

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