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Looking for cute slogan for hang over/first aid kit

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Yes, i finally found another PV bride getting married on the same day!


As for the Pinche, my fam is Mexican, Hans is Latin too, so I know they'll get the joke and won't get offended. After all, it is a hang over kit.

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Really! My mom thought it would be funny. She's actually the one who is gathering all the meds!


We are having our ceremony at the Parroquia de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe and the reception at the Mayan in the Marina. We are staying with our guest at the Melia then move down to Nuevo Vallarta for our honeymoon.


I believe I read that you are getting married at a villa, correct?

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We are going to have the ceremony at Concha Chinas beach and the reception will be at Villa Las Palmeras. We rented that villa and the one they have next door called Villa Katalina. We will be staying there with some of our family and guests.

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We where only hoping for 50-60 guests but right now we are at 97 guests. And it seems like each week it goes up. Mexicans don't believe in RSVP deadlines. We are going to have our reception partially indoors and outdoors. The cocktail hour will be by the pool outside and then the dinner will be inside and the dancing will be on the top patio. My planner told me we have to get a canopy due to the possibility of rain.

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