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I had my wedding at Barcelo Maya Palace and chose Octavio Montes to do my photography over the resort photography as his prices were more competitive. If there is a package that you want, he will try his best to accommodate your request! So even if you don't see a package from him directly that you like, just tell him what you're looking for and he'll work with you on that. He did a great job with my wedding photos and was prompt and even stayed a bit later than our agreed time to finish off the last bit of photos for us.


I never had an issue communicating with him prior to the wedding day and he was always quick to respond to my questions. 

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Does anyone have experience with WC Abraham?  I originally had Alejandra who I loved, however she has been promoted and I now have Abraham.  After not receiving an email for a month, I finally found out I had a new WC. It has been 3 weeks since I heard from him and over a month and a half since I have been given a next step in planning! (I have picked menu and that was the last thing). Has anyone had a similar experience with such long delays in response time?

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Hi everyone,


Wow this board hasn't been very active recently (with all of the holiday craziness I'm guessing.) I used to get notifications when there was a new post, but I haven't had that happen for weeks! Weird. Anyhow ..... :)


So back at the end October I emailed my WC a list of questions and I received no response for an entire month, which was unusual. So I sent it off to her again just in case it was lost in cyber space. Nothing. Finally at the two month mark I sent her a third email requesting a response within 48 hours, and ended up emailing the hotel wedding dept directly and complained. About 10 days later I received an email from my NEW  WC introducing herself to me! Apparently my old wc (Estrella) no longer works for Barceló. I was so pissed that nobody could have been bothered to contact me, and I was writing emails to my WC without any clue what was happening. I had some email correspondence back and forth with the head coordinator expressing my displeasure with being "forgotten", about the fact that this will now be my third WC since April, etc (I had Tania first, and she's apparently gone too now ....) I realize that people move on to other job opportunities, but to be completely ignored like that for two months regarding such an important event was not okay! Anyhow I'm still pretty pissed but its not like I can change anything right now.


I hope that nobody else has had the same issues. But just a warning in case you have not been in communication with your wc, you may want to reach out!


It's hard to believe that in a few days it will be 2016 and the wedding will be just around the corner. My dress is hanging in the closet and it's about a size too small still!! LOL  Thankfully I have 16 weeks until the wedding!! :)


How is everyone else doing with their plans, dress, etc. and long distance stress management????? haha

Oh! And I've had a huge issue with a computer virus and looks like I will have to dump everything and start over. That means losing all of my saved documents, including all the wedding stuff! :( So for those brides looking for info ahead of time, I'm not able to help at this time ....  you will have to reach out to some of the other ladies on here. Sorry about that!

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It sounds like are having identical problems.  I had already emailed the wedding department once, but sounds like I need to do it again (as it has now been 3 weeks since my new WC has mentioned that he is "taking over my event".  Can you let me know the name of the head wedding coordinator and email that I can directly reach him/her at?




P.S 16 weeks is plenty of time :)

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Hi Everyone!!  I also had change in WC, we have Yasmin currently and before that Aurea but there was a long lapse in between hearing from the new one and Yasmin has been good to work with just slow to respond.


 So  anyays planning was good going and our wedding is in 2.5 weeks but we ran into our first major wedding problem!  ahhhh SO our wedding date is Jan.19 and apparently there is this country concert with luke bryan happening the weekend after my wedding, the resort failed to tell me this,  now have to move my ceremony that I was excited to have on Playa Azul.  I actually found out all this on the barcelo faceook page(which by the way is very active) and that this stage they are setting up right where we were supposed to get married.. and the wc didn't even tell me so I am just furious about all this mess.   So we are waiting to figure out where we will be having the ceremony now.  I'm sure this will be affecting other January brides, not sure if they have been aware, hopefully they have, as it was quite a surprise to us.  So I am hoping they give us some sort of compensation for this issue. 

Also my wc Yasmin is off this week so I couldn't even talk to her, but was able to get in touch with Abraham and he actually called me last night and he was really great to talk with.  @ColoradoKatieJ  you could try calling him as we called him and left a message and he called us back 10minutes later yesterday evening, and then he emailed me back yesterday with other options for our situation. 


Other than that I have left a lot of things to to the last minute! which I am  really regretting..and now have a bunch of things to finish.  I'm working on a brochure for our guests with itinerary and resort info which I'll give out at the airport. I also have my dress fitting on Saturday and my seamstress said it should be don't my next Wednesday so I hope that it is done by then!  I still need to get my wedding band  sized, working on some reception décor to bring down and making timeline for wedding day/reception..  does anyone have any examples of their timelines to share? 


Any last minute advice or tips for me?  I feel like this is things I am missing to do or may forget.   I can't believe how fast it has come up!!


How is everyone else doing with their planning?  Any other January brides?? 

@ColoradoKatieJ  I have Abraham's number we spoke with him on the phone yesterday :

52-985-875-1500 ext. 6768. (also you have to dial 011 before that number it took us a while to figure that out lol)

 he was very nice to speak with on the phone. 

When is your wedding?  I found that the closer to the date we get the quicker the wc responds, but still slow..

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Welcome to our forum community, newbies kaviya, historiemaker, ColoradoKatieJ, TaraW, and kimmied2!!! Congrats on all your upcoming weddings at the Barcelo Maya Palace :)


You've selected an awesome venue for your Big Day, as you can see in these magical wedding moments that matter we captured there......enjoy!!!


....from our Barcelo Maya Palace Wedding Album 1:









....from our Barcelo Maya Palace Wedding Album 2:









....from our Barcelo Maya Palace Wedding Album 3:







Wishing everyone happy research and planning, and a very Happy New Year - it'll be remembered for the rest of your lifetimes.... ENjoy!!!! team MTM :)

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It looks like it might be Coral Beach, Kimmyd ..... the one at the Palace. Not sure tho!


What an absolute bummer about having to move your ceremony! I felt sick when I read that.  Thankfully there are lots of beautiful locations at the resort but it's so hard to make that mental shift last minute. If you like the location at the Palace and not all of your guests are staying there, they should waive that fee they would normally charge you per person seeing as they failed to tell you about the issue!! I'm sure that everything will work out though. Can't wait to hear about it and see pics!!!!


it sounds like there is a huge shift and shuffle happening amongst the WC group. I winder what the story is there?? I guess as long as they keep the brides happy, that's all that matters!! :)


Katie, I will get the name/email address to you when I get home this weekend. I travel 4 days on and 4 days off for work, and I'm away from my computer right now.

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Thanks @@Moments That Matter just wondering which beach location that last photo is with the ceremony with blue chair ties?

That image was captured at the beach location for the Barcelo Maya Palace. It's the same location - also used by this couple who booked their wedding at the Barcelo Maya Colonial, as seen here:


....from our Barcelo Maya Colonial Wedding Album:










It's a really beautiful spot - as you can see!!! Hope you find the perfect place for your Wedding Day Love Story Celebration - cheers!!! team MTM :)

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