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Vendors ~ IMPORTANT!

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I have received a few PM's from members that they are being solicited by vendors and it makes them uncomfortable. This is against forum rules:


Vendors are welcome to participate on this forum but must abide by the following rules:


1. Please be honest about who you are and state that you are a "Vendor" in your profile.


2. You are allowed 1 thread (in the "Newbies" Forum) to introduce yourself and post your information advertising your business. Do not post your info in multiple threads.


3. If you would like to advertise in the "Vendors Marketplace" please contact the Host.


4. Please do not actively or aggressively solicit our members. If they would like information from you, they will contact you.


5. Although it is ok to put your company information in your signature and profile, SPAMMING is PROHIBITTED. You will get one warning about spamming.



Thanks for joining us and we look forward to hearing from all of you.

this is a warning to all vendors. Please let members contact you for your services first. Do NOT solicit them about your services because if they have no intention to use you (too expensive, whatever), it puts them on the spot.


This is your warning. If it happens again, you will automatically be banned.

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