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Beach/Villa wedding questions

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Hi all! I'm a newbie. Having trouble picking a wedding spot-- thinking about USVI. Beach wedding, then head back to a villa for dinner, drinks, and dancing. Pretty casual. Anyone have any experience in the beach/villa route? Any insight into the cost of getting your wedding reception catered at a villa in St. Thomas or St. John? Our group may be pretty large for a destination- max would be 80 pp-- are there any particular villas that cater to that amount? Ones that I've found online are Silk Cotton, Bellagio Estate, One Beach Road, Blue Serenity, and Villa Ventana. Absolutely gorgeous! Love to hear your thoughts! Thanks!

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First, Congrats to you!

Looks to me that you have already done some good legwork! I know all of the villas above, except one and don't see One Beach Rd as an option for that many people! Ventana is questionable, Bellagio and Blue Serenity seems to me like they would work!

Other options are: Villa Bratanica and The Bratanica Great house. They can be rented by the hour for these types of functions! (forgive my spelling)! :)

Your wedding consultant can make suggestions for caterers, there are lots to choose from!

Good Luck and hope I've helped a little!

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