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Bridal Shower?-Long

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I am having trouble deciding who to invite and if the shower should be before the DW or when we get back and before the AHR. My FI and I decided to only invite to the DW both sets of parents and our closest friends, which is 4 couples, so we will be having a very small DW. There will be a max of 100 people invited to our AHR, so the guest list will consist of family (aunts, uncles, close friends), but we are also inviting some family friends of our parents and neighbors that we are close to.

So, I guess my question is should I invite the neighbors and friends of our parents to the shower? The aunts and close friends will be involved in the planning of the shower. Also, the neighbors may or may not know about the DW, so I would hate to invite them and they not understand that we will be having a AHR when we return, is there anyway to include this in the invite?

Any suggestions would be great, sorry this post is so long!



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i agree with alyssa, and also because of the situation being that some of the people know about the DW and some dont, do the shower after the DW but before the AHR. it will save you from having to explain stuff thats not really their business anyway, and then you could probably even share some photos from the DW if you wanted.

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Originally Posted by DanielleNDerek View Post
how much time is between your DW and AHR?

See that is the problem, the wedding is Nov 8, 2008 and the AHR will be in April or May 2009, we are still trying to pick a venue.

I was thinking I could send STDs out for the AHR before we left for the DW. Then when we return I am sending out announcements/AHR invites. The time span doesn't make sense, the STDs would have to go out in Sept/Oct definitely before the bridal shower and the announcements/AHR invites wouldn't go out to Jan./Feb., I wonder if that would be confusing, considering I think I just confused myself.doh.gif
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