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Sign on Guestbook table?

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Mine says:


"Along with your name, please write your thoughts and wishes, for the new Mr. and Mrs."


I got one of those frames where everyone writes a message on the mat. I like that message. It's short and sweet... I found it on the forum

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This poem is great! Thanks for sharing!


Originally Posted by pryzeless View Post

Originally Posted by BeckyN View Post
I'm still debating what I want to do for my guestbook... If I do a photomat or plate I will probably just assign someone to be in charge of it.

If I go for the photobook type thing - where w/ the help of my ex-MOH I am going to make it a scrapbook with the photos of each group and their wish/advice written to us on squares of cardstock or something - I would probably set up a sign like the one below to explain what I want.

Click the image to open in full size.
I love this. Thanks for sharing.

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Great idea to block off the space you dont want people to write in. Thanks!


Originally Posted by EricaG View Post

Originally Posted by deznchris2006 View Post
Haha, thanks :) I should check out some people's planning Bio's, but I think FI would kill me if I come back with more things I want to do.

My sister (MOH) and I have been going back and forth about a guest book. We were thinking Poloriod, but now they aren't really making them, and with digital cameras, I don't know if it's worth it.

So, what I think we're going to do is ask my cousin to be in charge of taking everyones pic. (she's into that stuff). Give her a stack of small ziplock baggies and each one will be personalzed with this on a printed label:
Aunt Yolonda & Uncle Chuck
Please write your Well wishes, Place them in this bag
and put in the basket on the table.
When we return home we will compile a
Scrapbook/Guestbook which you will be able to see at
our at home reception on March XXXX

When she takes someone's pic, she gives them the bag and directs them towards the table (when she has no more bags, she'll know she got everyone).

On the table will have the poem BeckyN posted in a large frame and in a smaller frame:
Please use only one side of the paper, as we want to
put them in a scrapbook. Feel free to use several
pices of paper and colors

and have one basket with Aqua, Feusia and Silver paper and another basket for the baggies filled with wishes.

I dont' want to lug a scrapbook there and home...and this way we decorate it how we want and add extra pics if we want to :)
I love the idea of having the coloured paper and getting everyone to write on that so you can bring it back and put it into the scrapbook. I have been trying to figure out if I want to take the whole scrapbook down or just the pages that I need. It will probably come down to how much room I have and how much extra weight I can fit in without going over.

Originally Posted by BeckyN View Post
Hehe... no I had that concern as well. In another bio where a bride did something simialr she actually had put pieces of cardstock where she wanted teh photo w/ "your photo will go here" so that guests wouldn't write in that space.

But I defintely agree that doing it separately and putting it all together later would be easiest. My only concern is that people will get confused since its not the traditional guest book and not do it or something.
I have done something similar to make sure that no one writes where I want to put the pic. I have several pages made up already, and will make more if I need to. I will also be doing this at the AHR too, so I will need a lot of pages in the end.

Here is a pic of what I did for the pages, although they are all slightly different.
Click the image to open in full size.

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