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Anyone else having wedding nightmares?


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I don't kon why, but I have been having the craziest dreams lately! I almost never dream (or at least remember them) so it is kind of freaky to me. I'm sure the stress of my job, wedding planning, stupid bridal party, etc is not helping. I thought I would share a few so you all could laugh as much as I did!


A few weeks ago it was a pretty normal wedding ceremony but when I got to the end of the aisle, my ex from about 8 years ago was there, not my FI. This guy was super hot but a GIANT A-Hole and we haven't spoken in years. Well, I did see him out at a bar one night, but a casual hi was it.


A few nights ago Britney Spears crashed my wedding and I was so pissed beacuse all of the paparazzi were there, getting in the way and keeping me from getting my pictures.


Last night I was franticly rushing about trying to finish up the details for the wedding, then I remembered I needed a groom! I have no idea where FI was, but my mom and I were sitting at a table making a list of people who might be available that I could marry!

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you didnt' tell me you knew Britney, lol.


i had one a few months ago during tax season. i dreamt that i had to work late the day i was leaving for my trip and of course i didn't pack my stuff. so after work i had an hr to go home, pack, and get to the airport. i got home and fi wasn't there and i couldn't find my wedding dress and shoes, huge mess i missed my flight. and was crying that i was going to miss my wedding now.


I had a ton of nightmares when we didn't pic a resort yet. forget how they went though.


i think it's normal.

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