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Site Visit Review: Sirenas La Salina - Varadero, Cuba


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Hey Ladies,


In early February 2008 we went on a research trip in hopes of finding the perfect wedding location. While we were there we checked out 3 resorts - I couldn't decide whether or not to post this in the reviews section - it technically is research.


This resort is HUGE! And by huge I mean this is a detriment to the resort. On most sites it is classified as a 4.5* This was initially our first choice for our wedding as it is brand new, circa November of 2007. We had made an appointment with the wedding coordinator at the resort. When we arrived, she was unable to leave her post and could not tour us around the resort. This was very disappointing. She also reviewed the wedding packages offered by the resort, and although she had sent us two options, upon arrival she presented only the cheaper package, as previous brides had complained about the second more expensive package.


Beach: This resort is at the near the end of the peninsula, the beach is mediocre, not the expected pristine white sand beaches of Varadero that one would expect, there are a lot of little stones all over the beach. Although the beach is nice, it is at least a 2km walk from the lobby.


Rooms: Since we didnâ€t have a tour guide we were unable to see the rooms.


Food: Because of the timing of our visit the only food location that was open was the snack bar – typical hotdogs, hamburgers and fries.


Pools: The pool areas are very nice, very clean and have HUGE waterslide, and an amazing cave bar swim up bar.


Grounds: This was quite dismal, being a new resort much of the foliage has not had a chance to develop. There were many dead trees, indicative of transplanting gone wrong. The landscaping surrounding their wedding gazebo was dismal, and in the background there were cranes and machinery working on a new resort.


This resort really was humungous, and although we had an appointment with the wedding coordinator she couldnâ€t accommodate us. We really did think that this would be the resort for our wedding, and in the end we were really disappointed. This would be a great place for a getaway – but definitely not the place for a wedding.


In the end, this is not our choice for the wedding, but I do have the wedding packages and offerings in my filing cabinet. If you are interested in seeing them PM me and Iâ€ll send them your way.

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WOW! The Sirenis LaSalina is amazing!!


It exceeded my expectations! We had a great time!


Our suite was huge, we partied in it every night with our friends, and it was right on the beach!


2 bathrooms, a living room, and huge bedroom, a bar, a nice shower stall, a huge bathtub, 2 tvs, great balcony.


The food was good. We enjoyed meal time. The snack bar at the quite pool was the best.


2 swim up bars, one with a really cool waterfall cave. The pools are huge.


The beach is great, we always had chairs. And they were comfy.


The beach towels are really big and fluffy. You can exchange them for clean ones everyday.


Its cool that the resort is really big, cuz it spaces out the people, sometimes it felt like we were the only ones on the resort. The golf carts were helpful when we needed to get somewhere fast, but other than that, it was nice to walk around alone.


The shows were fun and entertaining. There were bars everywhere, the drinks were good, maybe alittle too much rum, but you ask for "pekito rum" and its really good.


The people who work there are really nice, always seemed to be happy, and they were always working on maintaining the grounds. A good sign.


I dont have any negative things to say about Sirenis LaSalina.


The wedding co-ordinator was really special, she did everyhting I asked. She was such a sweet heart. Her name is Susanna.


Let me know if you have anymore questions, I highly recomend the Sirenis LaSalina!

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I am glad to hear you had a great time. Sirenas was truly my first pick of all the resorts in Varadero - we were disappointed in the site visit and chose another location.





I am thrilled to hear that you had a great time! I love Varadero!


Did you have a legal ceremony or a symbolic ceremony?





Where are the pics!!!!huh.gif?!!!!huh.gif?!!!!huh.gif

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I am getting married at this resort in just under 3 months. Yes, the countdown is definately on. My maid of honour stayed at the resort and absolutely loved it so I am hoping we have a great time. We have a smaller group, 25-30 people, who are all very different so atleast the resort will offer something for all of them. I can't wait.

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