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Caves/Negril Escape?

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Hi everyone-

I'm new but i've spent way too many hours reading the board and you girls have been so helpful.


Has anyone gotten married at The Caves or Negril Escape?


I'm trying to decide between them.

We're all staying (about 50 guests) at Riu Negril.


thank you!

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Originally Posted by Juniorbaby01 View Post
do you know if the caves let people have a wedding w/o staying there?
Good question. We stayed at Couples Swept Away and I was investigating off-resort options for a reception (since all they had was the beach with no music or a completely closed in/big/stark banquet room).
I contacted pretty much all of them (sent out a ton of emails) with no luck. The resorts with restaurants (like the Rockhouse) were willing to book us a few tables, but couldn't do anything private. Other resorts (like Blue Cave Castle), told us that they could only do weddings and/or receptions for their own guests.
The only place I found that did weddings/private receptions for non-guests was Negril Escape and SeaSplash (private receptions anyway - that's were we ended up going).
It doesn't hurt to send them an email and ask though. You never know.
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