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Help me! Site Visit Top 3 ideas?!?!

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Originally Posted by Opice34 View Post
I did a site visit before choosing the Hilton. Here is my 2 cents on your hotels listed below.

Fiesta - didn't visit this one

Hilton - there is plenty of beach for a beach wedding (I believe you saw my pics in my previous post?)

Westin - we cancelled our visit here because the reviews on tripadvisor are horrible. We decided that even if we went there and loved it we wouldn't risk putting our family and friends at a resort with such bad reviews. But, we didn't see it for ourselves.

MP - I just posted to you in another thread that I thought it was about 15 minutes from the hotel zone. They are plenty of MP brides that can give you more info. They had a nice beach suitable for a wedding.

Dreams - They do have a beach that would be big enough for a wedding, but I"m not sure if anyone has wed there or not.

JW/Casa Magna - both are beautiful hotels. JW is the nicer of the two and will most likely be more expensive. CM feels a bit more laid back. When we were there, neither had much beach though.

If you email the resorts, they will be very honest with you about whether or not they can accomodate a beach wedding. (At least they were in my experience.) Those that lost their beach in the last hurricane season very quickly told me that they couldn't accomodate a beach wedding. I'm not sure when you're getting married, but keep in mind that another hurricane season is approaching and even those hotels with a beach right now may lost it. sad.gif

You will probably have time to visit all of those in one weekend if it will set your mind at ease. We ran around like idiots on our site visit weekend, and we visited lots of sites and had dinners at potential rehearsal dinner locations.

Good luck!!! I'm sure you'll fall in love with one!!

Opice- have you decided where you want to have your rehearsal dinner yet or at least narrowed it down? If so, what are your options and do you have pics? Where did you decide to have your reception at Hilton?

I'm freaking out now about this whole beach situation! sad.gif

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Holy cow, I just read my post and I do not know what's wrong with my grammar. Apparently I am overwhelmed! I was a frickin' English Lit major and I can't even write properly anymore! This wedding may be the death of me.


Okay. We are getting married at the Hilton in the Miramar Garden overlooking the ocean. I'm a big fan of high heels and can't imagine not wearing them on my wedding day. So, a beach wedding was out for me.


We haven't decided on a rehearsal dinner spot yet. That was another negative about the Hilton as they don't have a restaurant that's large enough to accomodate a rehearsal dinner on site. We are going back there in June, and I'm hoping to pick a rehearsal dinner location then. We are taking both of our parents on that trip so that they can join us for the menu tasting and get a glance at the wedding location.


Don't stress about the beach. One of the things that calmed me the most during our site visit was that there are so many beautiful locations, that I think a wedding will be wonderful no matter where you have it. I know you have your heart set on a beach wedding, and you will most likely get it, but just in case mother nature throws a wrench in the plan, there are plenty of beautiful locations you could use as back-ups. Even a pretty terrace overlooking the ocean would be nice.


So, I don't mean to scare you, but Cancun is in the hurricane zone, so there is always a chance that the resorts will lose some of their beach. I think the odds of this are slim, but it's possible. And again, there are so many pretty places, that I think you'll love them all.


It's a happy time! Try not to stress! (Easier said than done, I know. I can't even spell anymore.) But the odds of everything working out perfectly are pretty slim, so we have to learn to let go and be okay if things don't go exactly as planned. (I haven't yet figured out how to do that, but I will let you know if I figure it out.) :) There may be some sort of muscle relaxer involved. Ha. :)


Good luck! Everything always works out!

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Thanks for everyone's help, I REALLY appreciate it!!!


I've got great news...I've narrowed it down (I think...for now anyway...) to my Top 5! I decided not to go the AI route...it just isn't for us.


So I'll be doing site visits at:



Hyatt Caribe

JW Marriott

Casa Magna Marriott


...and the great(er) news is that they ALL do beach weddings still, hoooray!! So far my two fave's are Hilton and Casa Manga/JW, but I can't wait to leave for my trip (2 weeks from today) and see them all! I'm really hoping that one just sticks out to me as "the one".


We're also going to try to visit some potential welcome dinner and/or rehearsal dinner sites. So far, these are the options that I've heard about on this wonderful forum:

La Casa de las Margaritas

Shrimp Bucket

La Dolce Vita

A Pirate/Sunset Cruise (booze cruise type thing)

Hacienda Sisal


If anyone has any other ideas/input, I would love love love to hear it!! (I doubt I'll be able to make it to all those restaurants so I need to narrow it down)!

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