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Is this normal?

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Yipppeee! Jen is getting married in 9 days!!!

Hehe, yes it's normal... at least it happened to me.

As others have said, it it got done, great, if not, no one else will know.


Once you are there, time will fly, so breathe and take it all in.

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Yes! I felt the exact same way! About a week before the wedding it hit home that is was all actually GOING TO HAPPEN and all the plans were going to come together whether I was ready or not. I worried about every little thing, wanting all the guests to get there safely, everyone to be happy. I actually burst into tears when the plane touched safely down in Montego Bay and I saw the palm trees! I was a bit of a wreck! wink.gif But the day of the wedding I woke up eerily calm and cheerful and the day was everything I could have imagined, so I hope the same thing for you!

Just make sure to slow down, breathe, and soak in and ENJOY every moment because it all goes so fast!

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