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Originally Posted by Infinity22 View Post
If I offended anyone then I'm sorry but I don't feel like I came right out and said "dreams sucks", because I honestly don't feel that way. I've just been objective about them, given what I've seen. I guess I was in the wrong to suggest that Dreams could be a "wedding factory", I've just seen so many people on here suggest or talk about them. So yeah, they must be doing something right if some many people are flocking to them. Anyway, moving on.....

yes calling a place a wedding factory is obviously offensive, and many people choose resorts for a reason, which is why I am sure you chose the resort you have chosen. Also people are not flocking to them, instead choosing a resort based on their needs and dreams fulfills a lot of needs for many different types of people.
Every dreams bride I have seen on this forum in my time here has had amazingly beautiful weddings and if you are concerned about the beach then by all means go on a site visit and check it out before your guests pay for something.
I honeymooned in Jamaica and honestly used the pool just as much as I used the beach. We mainly went in the ocean for water sports which I assume is similar to many of the resorts in Mexico.

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I don't think everyone is all "Dreams, Dreams, Dreams." You asked about the beaches in CANCUN and the women who happen to come in here and HELP you just so happen to have gotten married there (with the exception of me).



Like I said in my previous post to you, if you are looking for a specific resort, hit up Tripadvisor.



I think your sassyness towards people that are trying to help you in unwarranted.

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I'm sorry but I don't see how my last post could be considered "sassy". I apologized and I've been open to being wrong. People do make mistakes so I'm hoping we can move on from this little mishap instead of turning this into a "Infinity22 Bashing Thread". Again, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

And for the record, I'm not bashing Dreams and I do appreciate all of your help.

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