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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by sunitam hey jen! congrats again and thanks a lot for the review you guys look like you had a blast! I was looking at your pro pics, which are awesome by the way, and was wondering where all the balloons came from at your reception? I thought DJ mannia brings those, but you didnt have a dj right? thanks again We only had the coundsystem, no DJ. Funny, the balloons just appeared?? I have no idea where they came from. We were very nice to claudia ($$) and it certainly paid off. BTW, thnakns for the compliment on the pro pictures. I cannot say enough good things about Juan!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by keni03 *I just want to know if you ladies think the cocktail hour is worth having? I am trying my best to keep our dreams budget in the 4,500 range with 40 ppl and if they will allow me to trade the cocktail hour for 15 more people to have dinner that helps me alot in cost. What do you guys think? Quote: Originally Posted by cubsfan I think that you will be fine w/o the cocktail hour. I have read many posts on here and people say they can just go to any bar and have cocktails, the only thing they would miss out on is appetizers and if u want to just save money, I would do it this way. I am skipping cocktail hour as well. During this time, you and your party will be taking pictures as well. Honestly, u you can go without. I did and it worked out just fine. We were taking pictures quite a long time but there was a bar right in the tower building byt he gazebo. When I returned from taking pictures IO arrived at the beach and my guests were seated and applauded us as we entered the reception. The appetizers are no big deal either. Let's face it...it is an all inclusive resort. If you are hungry eat before you come. There is a a 3 course meal for the reception, also.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Jefiner Jen! Great job on the review! I am dieing to know more about the party afterwards, look like you had a killer nightclub set up on the beach? Is that included? That is the first I've seen in pics before? I saved money and used a soundsystem instead of a "DJ". It was less money but it included the same things Anyway it was awesome!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Michelle613 Simbaism, love your pics! They were beautiful. & Cassondra, thanks for the review it was really good and the pics were great as well and cant wait to see the pro ones Thanks! Juan did an awesome job! He is so sweet and fun! Quote: Originally Posted by SDbeachgirl Hi all, I've posted this question on a couple different threads but haven't gotten a lot of response. Was just wondering if anyone has used the Caribbean Trio or if anyone knows anything about what that kind of music is. I will most likely use either that or the Mariachi during my cocktail hour. I've heard good things about the Mariachi band but if there is something that sounds more tropical I would really like that. I'd like to hear a sample, but not sure where to find it. Any help you can provide would be great! We had the mexican trio playing while we arrived to the reception. The guests LOVED IT! When then used the sound system for the remainder of the reception. Quote: Originally Posted by andim Hello! I am still considering several resorts around Cancun and was wondering if anyone knows what the beaches are like at Dreams? I know it has several, but are they any that have waves w/ minimal rocks? From the pictures they all seemed to be more like a lagoon. There is a variety of beachs. There is no break in the waves but it does still have the sounds of the beach. I am not a big fan of the "lagoon Type Beaches" but I avsolutely loved the beaches at Dreams. Quote: Originally Posted by zorlack76 Hey all, I have a question for all the brides who have already been married at Dreams. Call me petty, but I am kind of worried about the noise level during out ceremony and reception. We are only having 15 people at the wedding, and I checked and found that all rooms are booked during our stay. There are only a few dolphin view rooms left, but everything else is booked. Did any of you have a problem with people being loud or obnoxious who werent part of your group? If so, how did you handle it? If not, how would you recommend I handle it? Thanks! No problem for us. We did not pay any attention anyway. Quote: Originally Posted by KelZavs20 Just yesterday we officially put the deposit down at Dreams Cancun....our date is 8/9/10!!! I am so excited, we opted for the Ultimate Package, but there are so many things that we wont use/want since it seems everyone on here was able to trade some things for others...can some one fill me in on how this works? Did your coordinator give you a detailed list of each items value? i just dont know how to go about asking to change things.... Congrats on your date. No you do not get a list of each item value, you just have to find out what she will allow you to trade certain items for. They are offered at discount rates since it is a package so she gives you things to trade. Quote: Originally Posted by keiperwedding Hi, I am getting married Nov. 7th and have had my reception location and times changed on me. I think I may be stuck with the spa terrace as of now. I am so bummed out. I don't even think there is a view of the ocean from there and isn't that the whole reason we do destination weddings in Cancun? I feel I am being moved around due to a large wedding that is more important but I don't have that confirmed. I would be so grateful if anyone could give me pros and cons of having my reception in the spa terrace or the garden as I think these may be my only two options. I just feel the garden is so out in the open it wouldn't feel private at all and weird dancing away with so many onlookers? Or, does anyone know any other locations that I could look into that have an ocean view? By the way, we booked Dreams 17 months in advance. I am feeling a bit down...any help would be appreciated. Thanks. OMG!! That freaking sucks! I am so sorry. The spa area is beautiful!! We spent alot of time in the outdoor area. I would certainly find out why you were booted!!!!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by zorlack76 Hey All, just curious if any of the recent brides can answer this for me. We were thinking about getting some toasting flutes to bring down there, but are really worried that they will get broken. How are the toasting flutes that Dreams provides? Would you recommend we use theirs or bring our own? We are not really worried about the sentimental value of bringing our own, so that isnt a big issue. Thanks a bunch!! I broght my own toasting flutes. They were Vera Wang and quite expensive. I worried about them disappearing not as result of someone stealing them but just from cleaning the tables. The best thing to do is to make someone in charge of special items. I had one bridesmaid resposible for making sure my cake topper, cake knife and toasting glasses were collected at the end of the evening. My bridesmaid brought the box for the glasses and the cke knife and put it under the table at the reception and tt worked perfect. There were several grils who had issues witht he cake toppers and cake knives being removed from the tables. I was leaving the next morning so I had to make sure all of my items were collected immediately after the reception. . Quote: Originally Posted by heatherw SIMBASIM--I am wondering who took all of your pictures?! very pretty~! Juan Navarro took my photos. He is great and very nice to work with. He is the photographer that the resort uses. I upgraded my package and it was well worth it.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Kat81 No, it's the lobby. They can't really get onto you about having too many people. There are a ton of tables and chairs and even a porch outside with tables and chairs. It's where we had our welcome drinks. It won't be a problem at all. No problem for us either! There was lots of room. We were a group of 26 and no problems accomodating us!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Gen Snipes Simbasim - I was keeping my eye out for you while I was there... I saw your hubby everywhere! (Gym /Buffet etc).. (I didnt know it was him until I just saw these pics!) Turns out we were staying right above you (the master on the 16th floor). the room was awesome but we had some A/C issues too Anyhoo - just wanted to say hi and congrats (I will write a review soon too). Your wedding looked great. Ps- i did say hi to one of your bridesmaids in the elevator (i might have scared her - I was dripping wet from the ocean and I was like "are you in the simbasim wedding? say hi from Gen!" Yes she told me! I was excited to hear something from another BD bride. Can't miss the hubby!! LOL!! Hope your wedding went well! Can't wait to read review! Quote: Originally Posted by destination Congratulations Jen! You were a beautiful bride! Sorry I didn't get to meet you in the days before our weddings. It was nice to finally meet you in the spa. I was a little uptight/nervous. Not sure why because everything went so well. You were a beautiful bride...loved your dress. Looks like you had a good time! can't wait to read your review, too!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by cubsfan Wht about the ice they used for frozen drinks I am just speculating! I drank the heck out of frozens drinks! BTW.. below are my professional pictures. They are awesome! Juan is unbelievable nice and very fun to work with. Highly recommended!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by cancunbride CONGRATULATIONS..... you looked absolutely beautiful and your review was so fun to read. Im glad you enjoyed that te wrap. I got it done also and I was addicted to it. If I had enough money I would of gotten one of those everyday. I got the idea from your review..thanks! I loved the spa! Not only was the service great but there was such a wide range of services. All of which were awesome! Can't wait to go back for 5 year anniversary!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by cancunbride We went to Daddy O's and Ice I think its called, its the big white one... its kind of a replica of Coco Bongo. They do the same thing except its cheaper. Make sure to get your photo taken with your hunni and get it stuck onto a tequila bottle, its $20.00 and its such a great memory. Coco Bongo was 70.00 per person so that was too ridiculous for us-- It was only $50/person when we went. If you have a group, you have more room for bargaining. We ended up buying 3 bottles of liquor and getting a private table and skipping the all you can drink.
  11. BTW..hubby got montezumas revenge BAD!!! He is an ice eater!! He eats ice like most people chew gum. The only time we ventured off and consumed beverages was Coco Bongo and Jungle Cruise (only bottled water but who knows if it was refilled). No one else got sick in the group. Just an FYI..don't eat the freaking ice. I would assume it would go without saying but he is stubborn!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by PhillyBride09 Oh really? I didn't think it had the Jacuzzi's in there!! That's awesome to know! :-) Thanks!...I will be sure to refuse that Room # if we get it..LOL We are also the kind of people who are always hot...we sleep wth the windows open in the bedroom in the winter...So no AC will def be a problem :-) Thanks for the Heads up! I leave tomorrow! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA I appreciate you answering all of our questions I am sooo jealous! Have a wonderful time. Remember there are only a couple of rooms in your room catergory so if you get stuck in a room you are stuck unless you want to downsize. BTW..hubby got montezumas revenge BAD!!! He is an ice eater!! He eats ice like most people chew gum. The only time we ventured off and consumed beverages was Coco Bongo and Jungle Cruise. No one else got sick in the group. Just an FYI..don't eat the freaking ice. I would assume it would go without saying but he is stubborn! I am going to post this on the other thread as well!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by rabutler816 Thanks for The Review!! How exciting!! You were gorgeous! I am so nervous on the DJ thing now... :/ I have Mannia but boy oh boy my Ipod has 1000 + songs that would soo just be ok. With no DJ do you still get a mic? Yes you do get a mic! That is the funny thing. You basically get a DJ who calls himself a sound guy?? go figure! We have over 4000 songs on our itunes. I downloaded a whole playlist for the wedding and to be honest, I think he played music off of his own playlist the whole time. he had a mac computer connected to the sound system and he was fiddling with it the whole time. he was great! I tipped him and his assistant $40 bucks. WELL WORTH IT!
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