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Chandlyn's email address?

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Originally Posted by bobbi-francis View Post
excuse me for asking...but what documents do we need to have sent? did i forget something?huh02.gif
i thought it was just a copy of our birth certificate and drivers license...dont we have to take that with us?
This is what you need to send:

What documents are required to get legally married?

Notarized copies of Birth Certificate
Notarized copies of Passports or driverâ€s license
Notarized copies of divorce papers (if applicable)
Notarized copies of death certificate (if applicable)
Notorized Documents stating name changes (if applicable)
Notarized, written parental consents (if under 21 years of age)

*All documents have to be notarized and presented in English 30 days prior to the ceremony.
If your wedding is performed at the RIU Ocho Rios, please send the documents to the following address:

* RIU Ocho Rios
Mammee Bay P.O.
Ocho Rios
St. Ann

In attention to Chandlyn Edwards, the on-site wedding coordinator.

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You have to mail your notarized/certified copies of your passports and birth certificates. They have to be at the resort at least 30 days prior to your wedding.


oops, i guess your question was already answered!

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