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Word Clip Art Format Problem!! Can someone help me PLEASE

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I've been trying to get this figured out for 2 days. Today I even went to Staples & Office Depot to try to get some help & they were unable to help me. crybaby2.gif

Basically, I had a problem before trying to figure out how to get clip art that I inserted to actually print. It would show up on the screen but when I did a print preview, the image would disappear. I posted that issue & Becks & Chiquita saved the day & I was able to save it properly & got it to appear & print.

Now, I decided to try to add our names to go beside the clip art image & it just wont work AT ALL! I don't know what I'm doing but I'm about to seriously throw the computer out of the window. But before I do that I figured I'd ask for your help yet again.


So here is the invite & all I'm trying to do is get our names on either side of the palm tree or the palm tree in between our names...if that makes sense.


If anyone could help me do this it would make my day, more like my life!!! Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.




Love Is Paradise Invite.doc

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Originally Posted by lscilley View Post
What version of word are you using? Maybe that is your issue cause I got it to print with everything on my computer.
I can get it to print, but I can't get the format right. I want to put the palm tree in between our names. Right now our names are waaayyy above the palm tree. I want to move our names down so that our names are to the right & left of the tree. But the way I have it, everytime I move our names down, the entire palm tree moves down too. It won't let me just move the names to the right & left of the tree.
Thanks for taking a look at it for me!!!
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Originally Posted by chprfan View Post
Something like this??
Jessica, thats exactly how I want it, but when I go to print it, the palm tree & our names don't print! They magically disappear!! Everything else prints but that. Even when I do print preview, they disappear. It's like as soon as I try to edit anything near the palm tree, it just disappears.
Thanks for your efforts!

Thanks also luv2love!
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