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Boob Job


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So, I have been wanting to get breast implants for a long time. My FI and I were talking about it again last night and he agreed to it. It can be my present for the wedding. BUT, I am scared. Is there anyone out there that has been through it? Do you think if I just go up one size that my dress will be able to be let out a bit? AHHH!! I want this so bad but I am so scared lol... smile105.gif

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I actually am planning on getting a boob job in the next two years. I'm so freaking excited. DH finally agreed to it as well.


I've never been one for cosemetic surgery, but this is something I have recently decided I wanted (my boobs kind of look different after having a baby, and I'm less than happy with them). I asked about this recently and recieved some really helpful advice from the girls on here. I wish I could get them done sooner, but I'm going to wait until we have baby #2 as to not "ruin" the investment.


I've already picked out the boobs I want (in terms of size). Well as of right now! I may have to scope out a few more racks before making my final choice.


When do you think you'll get it done? You'll have to tell me how it goes!

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I don't know for sure. I just don't want to take any chances!


Although someone told me that her surgeon told her not to bother getting implants if she was planning to have kids within the next 5 years. I think he implied it would be a waste and that she should wait until after if she was planning to have kids. I guess it makes sense because with implants, your breasts will still expand during pregnancy and when your breast milk comes in. I just wouldn't want to get them done, have another kid, and then have to head back to the table to make "repairs" so I was planning on investigating that a little more. Because if I could get them done sooner, I would love to.


I still have to do more research.

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I personally don't know much about boob jobs in particular, but I had my nose done back in 1999, and it was the best decision I ever made. I think plastic surgery, when done for the right reasons, is a wonderful thing that can really help your self esteem.


I do suggest - do a LOT of research on your surgeon. Get a recommendation from other doctors, friends, whatever; and talk to more than one if you aren't blown away by the first guy. Ask to see examples of his work. I ended up with a GREAT nose guy who specialized in face work...I heard of him through my family doctor and he was great. My mom had a breast reduction by a different doctor and it turned out terrible (she had hers years before I had my surgery, so I learned from her mistake).


I also recommend getting it done EARLY, especially if you are trying to do it before your wedding. Things can sometimes happen and complications CAN occur, even with the best surgeon out there. I ended up having a second surgery due to a fluke complication (my body's fault, not the doctor) a year or so after my first. From what I know of boob jobs, they definitely need time to 'settle' and for the scars to heal.


Best of luck with your decision!

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My friend got hers done 2 yrs. ago from Dr. Strock in Fort Worth, TX I know Stephenville is close enough to Fort Worth. You should definitely check him out. Hers are the best I've ever seen. Very natural looking. She was an A and went to a full C. They look fantastic! Here's Dr. Strock's info. if you are interested:

800 Eighth Ave.

Suite 606

Fort Worth, Texas 76104

Phone: (817) 335-1616

Fax: (817) 335-1648

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Oh how exciting! I wish I could do mine :o( It's just not in my budget right now though ;o( BOHOHO


Are you scared of the pain or what are you scared of? Just make sure you research your doctor, etc. See their work, etc.


What size are you now. It's hard to say b/c I dont know your build, if your skinny minnie, average, or curvy, etc. I'd have to say that it depends on each individual's body. If you are super thin, DEF dont go too big, maybe one size up. And as far as the pain, everyone heals diff.


- Joe's one sister had it done years ago and she said it was terrible and she couldn't get outta bed.

- But his other sister just got hers done in Dec and was up the next day doing things aorund the house, she said it was alil sore but not bad at all. She was back at work in a few days. Also my cuz, and a few others said it was pie.

-Another friend got hers done about 5 years ago, and said it was nothing AND got them done again to be bigger. She also had a baby after and said the boobs didnt interfer at all.

- A few other gals said it was terrible pain, felt like someone was pounding on her chest non stop and they hated it. But they are pretty dramatic if you ask me.

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Originally Posted by Kat81 View Post
Before the wedding... If I don't chicken out. Do you think if I have kids it will ruin them?
Im not positive on that. I mean, my one friend had her done twice before she had her baby and she said they are fine. I dont think she breast fed but as far as them going back down, she was ok. But again- everyone's different.
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