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Need a Block of Hotel Rooms for Guests?

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As I continue to plan through our wedding, I will post my findings for various things. I was hoping to filter through all the hotels via TripAdvisor and try to secure a group discount for a block of rooms. I found this to be a bit time consuming.


To get around this, I found this site called Hotel Planner. It allows you to put out a request, based on your criteria, for all the hotels within the area to respond to. For me, I requested a block of 20 rooms, with a price range of $xxx.xx, and the dates of travel. Within 24-48 hours, I was responded to from at least 7-8 properties. This saved so much time for me, as I was able to accept a request from the hotel I wanted without going through hoops and hurdles to get the rate.


This comes in very handy for those of you booking from say, the East Coast, where the time zone is 5 hours ahead of Hawaii. It's tough to catch them at a good time and rather than waiting for them to process your request over the phone, you instead wait for a response via email.


Hope this helps...

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My friend used this site for his wedding in Los Angeles. I looked at the site and most of the big cities are there. I can't imagine why hotels in ANY city would not want to use this site since it's free opportunities for business in a way... Hope they have the city you're looking for.


BTW - I LOVE your cup idea! It's funny because I just bought those cups at Target during the Christmas clearance, but didn't have wedding ideas in my mind at that time... Instead, I bought them for us to use in our own house! I see that you guys went to Paris! That's where we got engaged! Great idea on the cups and best of luck planning!

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