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Rehearsal Dinner in Pacific Beach

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Hey girls! We are getting married in La Jolla, however we are all staying in Pacific Beach. I am wondering if anyone knows of a place that we can all (25 people) go for dinner the night before as a very informal rehearsal dinner. I am thinking about maybe seeing if we can reserve the rooftop of Taylor's, but I thought I would pick your brains! Any suggestions would be great!

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For more informal picks I would look at:


Johnny V's - johnny V - more of a club atmosphere but they have a really nice patio

Costa Brava - www.costabravasd.com/ - Tapas, really cute restaurant and great food

Isabel's Cantina - Isabel's Cantina, San Diego - Cafe Restaurant | Pacific Beach, La Jolla - Mexican food, cool ambiance

Cafe Bella Italia - Caffe Bella Italia - little Italian restaurant


Good luck!

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Taylor's food is just okay. World Famous is way better. http://www.worldfamous.signonsandiego.com/1.html

Consider Jrdn @ Tower 23...the view is totally amazing. http://www.tower23hotel.com/

I went to another rehearsal dinner at Gringo's on Garnet and Mission. http://www.frommers.com/destinations...go/D54607.html

The food is Spanish/Mexican and the wait staff really took great care of us.

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