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Maye's contact info

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Originally Posted by Leia78 View Post
I tried to email Maye (maye@mayecortinas.com) yesterday and it came back undelivered. I also went on her website www.mayecortinas.com and it's not working. Does anyone know her new contact info?

I know her phone numbers (which I think is the best way to reach her)
011.52.624.355-4862 Cell
011.52.624.144.5544 Off
011.52.624.144.5605 Fax
1.888.815.0611 Toll Free Number
1.952.486.7743 USA Direct Line

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girls if you really need to contact her in a hurry and if you can afford it, I would def. call her. She or her assistant always answers the phone or they will immed. call you back.


I know that was my experience when I had my wedding....if she didn't email fast enough I just called her.


I know text her once in awhile to say hi, we became good friends :)

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at first i had a really hard time getting thru to her as well.. if you go onto the website (if it will let you) bypass everything but the little envelope icon on the upper right side and send her your info,she is very quick to respond. otherwise her whole rest of her website kept giving me error messages that they could not find the requested site..hope this helps

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