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Getting Nervous

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Has Anyone Recently Gotten Married Or Knows Any One Who Has Gotten Married At The Sunset Jamaica Grande..i Keep Reading The Trip Advisor And Am Getting A Little Nervous.. When We Book The Resort The Reviews Were Really Good, Now They Are Not As Good..

Rooms Sound Awful, The Lines To Book The Resturants Sound Awful..any One Have Any Advise.. We Have 25 People Going There And I Hope No One Is Disappointed.


Have A Great Day



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Have you ever come back from a vacation totally happy and thought gosh I should write a review. No!

But if you are pissed you want the world to know. Of course there are bad reviews, a lot of people are incredibly picky and sometimes a persons experience is crap but you chose the hotel for a reason so I am sure it will be fine.

ps. your caps lock was obviously on when typing, it makes it really hard to read when you type like that and proper forum etiquette would say to not do that.

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Hey there, we just got back from Photographing a wedding at the Sunset 2 weeks ago. It was a really nice place but nothing overly fancy. It was especially perfect for our bride and groom because we came over on a cruise ship. The ship just so happened to be docked directly across the bay from the wedding site. So their ship is a great backdrop in the photos. I will post some once we get them edited. The resort has a great pool setup and there are some really nice places to do photos. They were married in the garden gazebo but we wish they would have been married on the beach gazebo which was much, much nicer. If you have a choice, pick the beach gazebo. They selected the garden gazebo because of space for their party which was close to 100 people. We also just got back yesterday from another Ocho Rios wedding which was at the Shaw Botanical Gardens. It was one of the most beautiful places we have ever been to. If you have time, take a cab and your photographer up the mountain to Shaw. The waterfall is breathtaking and the rest of the gardens are right out of a movie. We will also post some from there soon as well. Feel free to ask any questions about the area.


Gwyne and Mark

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Hi Denise,


I too am getting married at the Sunset Jamaica Grande 2 days after you. I am an avid reader of the trip advisor forums and weighing out the pro's and con's there are many more good reviews than bad.

The photo's of the resort look good, and i agree, bad news makes good reading. You never get to read about weddings, but you always read about murders....


I have worried myself silly about the resort and decided that its all booked, and a holiday/wedding is what you make it.


If we get chance to meet up after the weddings, i bet we will be laughing about this.


Just over nine weeks to go.......I guess we should be worrying about the clothes and packing and let the rest happen.


Hope you agree.


Take Care


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