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Rehearsal (Time?)

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I need your opinion ladies!


Fast forward to wedding trip: I have a welcome dinner scheduled for Friday at 7pm.

The rehearsal also needs to take place that Friday. My problem: I donâ€t know when to schedule it!


Do I make it first thing in the morning to kick off the day (well, around 10am to allow for hangovers lol) or 4-5pm so once itâ€s done with, we can all get dressed and head to the welcome dinner?



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I think you're totally right lol...


But in our situation, none of the BP (including us) have ever been IN a wedding before. Basically we have no idea where to stand or how to do certain things in "formal-ish" fashion...


I definatley dont want to be the one to delegate everyone to their places the day of either...so we dont mind having a short rehersal to practice cheesy.gif

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