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Just Bought Our Trip!!!

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Originally Posted by Cole5worm View Post
I just had to let everyone know that my FI and I just bought our trip to PV! I finally feel like it is for reals!!!! My dress comes in on Friday too.. yay.. i can't wait for July 3, 2008 so i can become Mrs. Harlin!!!smile29.gif
Yay!! Congrats on booking the trip and also the dress! Can't wait to see pics of it.

Hey, can I ask who is your contact person for your wedding at the Royal Decameron? I've been trying to reach someone (anyone!) at the hotel to plan a welcome dinner, but no luck. I don't know what's the deal with them! Hopefully your planning has gone more smoothly.

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Are you staying at the royal Decameron? If you are what dates?


the contact person is Karla


You can reach her at karla.carlos@decameron.com.mx I havent really planed anything yet. She told me that we don't do much until like 1 or 2 months before the wedding.. the one thing i dislike is you can't set aside rooms until closer to the date and i think it is only 50% that you will get the room.. oh well...


let me know what she says about the welcom dinner. all my guest are staying there I think it would be nice to do a welcome dinner but have it be at the resort so it is free... I am already going over budget.. opps.



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Yes, we're staying there from May 21 to May 28. We want to have the WD on Friday, May 23. I'll try contacting Karla to see what she says. What do you mean by not being able to set aside rooms until closer to the date? Do you mean booking guest rooms, or the room for the wedding reception? That would really suck if they couldn't guarantee a room for the wedding itself!!


For the WD, we're approaching it as an "extra". If it happens, it happens (and hopefully it won't cost us too much extra); but if we can't get it organized, then no biggie.


I'm glad to have another Royal Decameron bride on the board! (Even though technically I'm getting married at Las Caletas...)

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