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Room tax rate?


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this is word for word copied and pasted from my contract with the westin, the portion about the taxes. the room rate is taxed at 17% there:


Tarifas en Dólares Americanos, por habitación, por noche, plan E.P. (sin alimentos), en ocupación sencilla o doble, sujetas al 10% de IVA y al 3% de Impuesto Sobre Hospedaje.

Las tarifas estan sujetas al 4% de cargo por servicio, el cual incluye:

§ Café diario en la habitacion via cafetera

§ Dos botellas de Agua en la Habitacion por estancia

§ Acceso al Seaside Putting Green

§ Acceso al gimnasio powered by reebok

§ Servicio de ama de llaves


Keep in mind that this does not include the service fee for the bellhop (which is $6.50/pp, one time fee on arrival). Also, La Palmilla is one of the most expensive hotels in Los Cabos, so I would expect your tax on rooms to be a bit higher because it may include things that rooms at less expensive hotels don't have or don't include.

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