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so heres my dilemma... I need some advice from those of you who have had a relatively large wedding (about 100 ppl) guest list


So I'm sending out the Save the Dates. My next step is to start getting group rates... I need to kind of know how many people are planning on coming, so i know what knd of rate I'll get. I think booking 10 rooms or 40 rooms would make a difference in price, im assuming. So I wanted to kind of include some sord of note in my envelope with the save the dates to get an idea of who is def planning on coming. How do I go about all this. I'm kind of stuff on that part of planning. Im gonna get a travel agent to do most of the searching, but Im just stuck. what comes first, giving people a price, or getting an idea of whos coming and then getting a price.


what did you guys do?




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we plan on about 100 people so on our STDs, we are asking guests to please go to our website and do a preliminary RSVP so we can get an idea of how many people will be joining us -- we are going to do some kind of small paper insert with the std saying it will help with all kinds of stuff (get a head count to book our reception location at the resort, know whether or not we should add rooms to our block etc), not to mention save the cost of 75 more envelopes and just over $30 in postage. we are also doing our main RSVP on our website so that people can make their meal selection easily and so we can save close to $150 in rsvp card/envelope/stamp costs. my FI is really into being environmentally conscious about paper/recycling, so it was his idea, which i am totally cool with since it saves us money too. we are sending out 100 invitations in the US (but only 75 STDs because some of the invitations are courtesy invites we know wont come) and another 100 in mexico and a couple to spain and london. thank god my FMIL is taking care of all the foreign invitations for me (the cost and sending of -- we picked them out over christmas).


the nice thing though is that with our contract for our room block, we have to guarantee a minimum of 15 rooms/3 nights and 10 rooms/2 nights, but anyone who calls between now and the day our room block is released will still get our group room rate, and we dont have to pay anything extra if we use more rooms than we blocked.

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