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Our July14th Wedding!
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The Royal in Cancun All Inclusive Spa & Resort

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By Labebita911, · 610 Views · 4 Comments

Pros: beach, location, everything!!
Cons: Only thing i wished was longer reception, our ended at 9 pm


 For starters let me start off by saying you have nothing to worry about!!!!.. Please don’t even stress the little things it is just not worth it. My day was absolutely amazing more than I could have ever asked for…



This is my 3rd visit to The Royal and we always stay at the Master Suite, which if you are able to do it please do so. The Master Suite is a dream!!! All the rooms are amazing but I just love the freedom of being able to wake up and literally walk out to the pool Amazing Amazing Amazing!! Any who getting back to wedding, So since we stayed at Master Suite we qualified for the Free Wedding, which worked great for us since we were a small group 18 guest and we could do without all the extras. I’m not sure how these reviews layout works but I will try my best.  Bare with me I might be all over the place but I just want to get out as much info as I can :o)


So me and my husband (feels good to say that) we flew Jetblue both ways which I was able to accommodate my dress on the over head bin with no problems everyone was so nice and congratulated us as we passed by , :o)

The rest of our clan flew AA. 

I served as Travel Agent for everyone by booking there trips and coordinating there traveling arrangements. I also arranged for airport transfers for the guest and I used Cancun Valet which they were really reasonable pricing and on time! No complaints and would use them again.


We had 18 guest , 12 stayed at The Gran Caribe next door and 4 along with bride and groom stayed at The Royal and 2 stayed at a different resort. I will try to post a small review on Gran Caribe which was a nice resort as well.


Arrival Day: We all arrived on the same day Thursday July 12th. but me and my hubby arrived first. We checked in and got somewhat settled when my 4 royal guest arrived, they got accommodated and we ran next door to Caribe where the rest of the clan arrived! We greeted the rest of the guest and returned to the Caribe for dinner that evening. They accommodated a table of 11 and then a table 5 because those 5 guest were a bit late so they had already set up the tables and so needed to set up a different table for those 5 which was fine because we were next to eachother but was bumbed that they wouldn’t try to accommodate us. Anywho we ate at the Sunset Grill which was good food, not the best but good. After we ate dinner we went into the lobby for some drinks and tequila shots. The Caribe lobby is nice but extremely hot and humid, for some reason the ventilation in there isn’t the best. They do however have really nice table setting right outside the lobby in the patio and the entertainment was good.



Master Suite:  We stayed from July 12 until July 18th, We had room 108 which I recommend staying on this side of the resort This side is where they play music and also the poolside activities are done on this side. Were in our late 20’s and enjoy some music while swimming etc…  I have stayed also at room 106 and 107, all of which are the same section..  but again all the rooms at the Royal are gorgeous and ocean front.




I had an appt at Spazul at 10 am which I had made thinking that it would be good timing but then realized it was too soon and I didn’t want to be sweating my makeup so early so I changed it to 12 noon which they were nice to accommodate without a problem. I had requested Mariana thru a former bride of BDW and she was AWESOME! I walked in was seated and given some champagne and just felt relaxed.  I went to MX with no idea of what I wanted for hair or makeup but the day of I looked on Google and found a pic of hairstyle and showed her briefly and it came out perfectly I was actually shocked that it stayed in the tact the whole night!! As for makeup I just let her do her thing all I told her my wedding colors and she knew what she was talking about when she told me green wouldn’t look good on my skin tone so the pink would do. And it came out great. I recommend using falsys which really made my eyes pop but bring your own cuz they will charge you $25 for them. I brought mines but couldn’t find them if you bring your own and want them to apply it cost $10. I recommened Mariana but the lady next to me was also getting a bride ready and she did good work and my makeup stayed in tact the whole night too and the good thing is they didn’t use tons of products which didn’t make me feel heavy or cakey. Girls don’t worry they will do a great job I couldn’t justify paying $350 for an outside vendor.   Also make sure to tip if they treated you well.  Meanwhile I was getting my hair and makeup the florist arrived I used Marvin.



Marvin from Maya Diseno!

I found Marving again thru this amazing website BDW and immediately started to email back and forth with him. He got exactly what I wanted at an amazing cost. He listened to what I had to say and even when I was getting really antsy and sending him 4-5 emails a ay about changes and ideas he kept it professional and really worked with me to create the perfect bouquet. Good thing is that there is no vendor fee!! He came promptly at 1:00 pm like he said he would.



This is a must ladies!!!!! OMG .. its funny because I would read on here that Doremixx is soo good and had everyone still days later talking about it.. this is true!! My guest are still talking about how great the DJ was 3 weeks later!. And my guest are party people but only the right music makes them party all night, Ivan provided this and more!!!. Wow.. I met with him after I met with Diana my WC on Friday and I gave him a brief list of songs and type of music and our first dance, and ending song the rest I left it up to hin. Im telling you girls don’t stress over cake cutting, garter toss etc.. ,music I didn’t I just let them do what they do best and they know crowd pleasers and that he did. Anywho.. he had all our guest dancing the WHOLE NIGHT.. I didn’t sit not ONCE!!!!!  We are Puerto Rican/Dominican family so music is super important and he mixed it up perfectly with the right amount of latin music and r&b. I forgot to mention we had the light up dance floor totally worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Wedding Coordinator

My Online Coordinator was Katia which she was awesome, was really fast at returning my emails, thurough in her emails and answered any questions I had. My Onsite coordinator was Diana. I met with her on Friday at the Wedding Center and she was nice and went thru the timeline of events and explained anything I needed to know . The only thing was Katia didn’t put in the fact that I had extended an hour of reception so we had to fix that but no biggie, she could tell I was nervous when she said they didn’t have record of that but she made me feel at ease about it getting fixed. I then gave her the items I brought with me which she took and I explained to her the seating arrangement , and gave the maracas , lummies and starfishes and seashells and I didn’t even have to tell her what to do with them . I trusted her completely.


Wedding Day!


It was a Gorgeous day! God listened to my prayers of perfect weather and for that im soo thankful, Me and hubby stayed in the same room the night before, we had breakfast together and then went our separate ways until the time of the wedding :o). Went to the spa to get my hair done and after I went to get dressed at my cousin room from her room I could see my wedding site!! It was sooo surreal where I would say I do, and also to see my custom huppa which was absolutely stunning and matched the colors (something I stressed about for nothing!)  The photographer was there which ill review on her in a bit. Once we all got dressed, my mom, MOH, myself etc Diana called it was time to go downstairs. I honestly wasn’t even nervous I was soo ready to become a MRS and see my future husband. The music started and I walked down the aisle.. I teared up once the music played but quickly composed myself . Our officiant was good I picked the ceremony in spanish which was good and loved the wording :o),  after the ceremony it was

cocktail hour and we had hot canapés for the same price as the cold, so word of advice if you don’t like something just ask to see if they can swap, they did for me. I have heard the hot canapés are extra. While the guest relaxed in the gazebo me and the wedding party went to take some photos. Then ..

Reception: We were announced and danced our first dance from there  they brought out the ceaser salad which was really good and nicely plated everyone enjoyed it. It was an extra $2 and totally worth it!!!, then we did dinner, I gave them option of  the Chicken Florentine and the Shrimp au sherry and distinguished it by color coordinated tags. Me and hubby had the shrimps which were really good with the jamabalya rice. I tasted the chicken and it was good but a bit bland for my taste but people didn’t complain. Then we did toast and guess what? a Rainbow appeared in the sky!! Amazing.. considering it was a sunny beautiful day but I say that was my daddy from heaven blessing me. Once the toast happened the cake cutting and then party time!!!!! The party music started playing right after the cake cutting and Ivan brought out his props.. White balloons and mask.. everyone LOVED the props!.. While we were dancing the night away the dessert which was the cheesecake was passed out which noone really ate beause everyone was dancing!! And most didn’t have cake either.. which by the way was Delicious, I had the strawberry center very moist and rich!.  and as we partied on and onlookers watched the last  song came on :o( then the cannon of fire came on.. not sure if that what there called but it was beautiful. After the reception some guest decided to take a dip in the beach  it was just great memories and would do it all over if I could.



I went with the resort photographer Funever and I requested Vanessa because of her reviews. She was a sweet girl, and really captured some great photos and was even there for a longer than she was supposed to be there. She took all of those who had suggestions on poses and just captured miscellaneous moments which is important too. Im still waiting for my professional pics but once I get those I will write a review on it too because there don’t seem to be much reviews on Funever.  I didn’t hire video because it was just too expensive for what I would get in return. I had people record some and it came out good, the only thing is the video and the wind you can barely hear what were saying when we were saying our vows.



Words of advice. Please don’t let anyone tell you it’s a bad idea to have a DW or make you feel guilty because at the end of the day those that want to share this special day with you will do the impossible to be there even if that means just 20 guest. I thought our number was perfect just enough to keep track of and enjoy them.  Also take some time to soak it all in don’t stress over little things try and enjoy your stay and vacation . I was a “that’s ok” kind of gal that day I didn’t let anything get to me or bother me, but I must say everything went as planned . This resort really got everything I ever thought I wanted or needed. Don’t stress the little knick knacks because people wont remember that.. all they need is the great memories they will take with them. If ou have any questions please PM me, hope this helps some or put some at ease!











Beautiful wedding! Congratulations! :)

I am getting married in April next year in the sister resort Gran Porto Real. I was wondering what do you think about Funever?

I don't see many reviews out there about them and I am a little worried about hiring them.



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Great Review! I JUST booked my wedding at the Royal Cancun! Did you get married beachside by Pelicanos? Also, I am SO relieved to hear about the hair and makeup. I was really nervous about using the resort salon because I didn't know anything about them. Did you get your flowers done through the resort? Photography was through the resort too, right? How did it turn out? Sorry for so many questions but I am going into my wedding blind! haha


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