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    My name is Juan Lopez Spratt, what sets me apart from the rest of the wedding photographers, is I do not do posed pictures. With my experience as a sports and ballet photographer, I have been able to learn to interpret and read things before they happen. A wedding is just that, thousands of emotions together that will explode at any moment. That is what I do, portrait those moments before, during and after they have happened.
  1. @@DaniMarie410 great! If you need a wedding photographer please check my portfolio here: http://www.lopezspratt.com Regards
  2. @@lfalzone5 Hi! congrats! If you dont have hire a wedding photographer yet, please check my portfolio here: http://www.lopezspratt.comim a Destination Wedding Photographer =) Best regards
  3. @@kcha0225 if i can help you please let me know =) Regards
  4. @@DJ1810 Hi, the problem with the hotel photographers is that, there are hotel photographers. You will have a lot of different reviews of that kind of photographers. If you want i can offer our wedding photography services. My portfolio is here: http://www.lopezspratt.comand i can recommend two different DJ's if you want, the best in the country and other than is good but more accesible. Regards
  5. @@Melissakworo excelent Mellissa! I will work there in the next month, so if you need a photographer and video team please let me know. Regards
  6. @@soon2bMrsTurner if you need photographer, i can offer our services. Look my portfolio here: http://www.lopezspratt.com Regards
  7. Well depends what do you want. For me one of the best places for weddings is Las Terrenas, here you have a lot of diferent alternatives. Check this: http://www.facebook.com/LasTerrenasthe place is incredible and i can recomend a lot of hotels like Sublime Samana or big luxury villas. I work also in Punta Cana. Are diferent places but good the two destinies. Regards!
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